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Bob, Carol Stream

WE THE PEOPLE can conscript you into the armed forces and force you to defend this country with your life. Or deprive you of your freedom if you refuse to do so. You are not excluded from the draft if you have no property. Yet those who have property would not have that property without the sacrifice of those forced to protect them. Without our society of laws it would be anarchy. Ownership would be determined by ones ability to defend and protect their property, which is what living among the Savages means. If you don't want to live that way there are dues to be paid and obligations to be met to support the society that protects you from the savages. Sometimes it could mean individuals losing their life or their property. You are paid for your time in service and extra benefits if you get killed. And if your property is taken for a reason other than penalty, you are paid a fair market price. Society pays you for your goods or service, you are just obligated to take what they offer. And sometimes that individual is you. If you don't want to do your part in supporting the society that provides the means for a civilized existence, leave the area that benefits from the influence of the society. Or live on the fringes of the society avoiding responsibility and reaping the benefits and paying a penalty when caught. I enjoy the benefits of living in this society of the United States and am willing to pay 39% of my income over $250,000 to support this society.

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