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Dr. TCH, Los Angeles

War between the States: Typical ploy used in Europe by the Big Bankers. Support both sides, produce a largely false issue--in this case, slavery (the real issue was the difference in two economic systems, and the bankers wanting to get a hand-hold on America)--and spark hostilities ("Divide & Conquer" principle). BAM, you have a war which destroys families, erodes freedom, and generates millions for the bankers. The main purpose of the 14th Amendment, incidentally, was the guarantee of repay-ment of war debts to the international bankers. The second purpose was the institution of a second-class form of American citizenship, no longer based on state citizenship. It might also interest you to know that, the federal government was in a quandary, after the "Civil War." When the southern states withdrew, their people in Congress withdrew, so there was no longer a quorum, and--to all intents and purposes-- the Unites States government no longer existed. Also, in 1865, many of the southern states had been reduced to conquered territory. The USA, as an official entity, was in limbo. The answer? Congress in 1871 reconstituted the United States as a corporation. When I heard a speaker, a few years ago, state that the American president was actually the president of a corporation, I thought he was nuts. Now, it doth appear that this is literally true. BTW, "civilization/civilisation" is spelled slightly differently in the U.K., and the USA, so the quote has no spelling errors.

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