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J. Carlton, CalgaryJ. Carlton, Calgary
J. Carlton, Calgary

Dan you're completely out to lunch....you're animal numbers analysis is neither sensible coherent nor pertinent. "The Wealthy" are the problem? Hardly! The Banking Elite, Corporate Elite and OUR OWN GOVERNMENT working in concert to control everything we do....now "there's" your problem. Surely you're not suggesting that a guy who made 10 million from scratch with his abilities tenacity and willingness to take risks should be penalized for his efforts are you? I mean after all he's wealthy right? Go back to the drawing board....you're way out to lunch.

J. Carlton, Calgary

Waffler is still a died in the wool IRS man, meaning extortionist / communist. He won't change Mary, but we still enjoy his presence for entertainment purposes. ;-)

J. Carlton, Calgary

And today's Body of People are very rapidly becoming aware of the intolerable tyranny brought upon us by a proxy government.

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