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Mark W, Aurora ColoradoMark W, Aurora Colorado
Mark W, Aurora Colorado

Today's dumbed down Sheeple would rather have government oversee everyone's Liberty, for security's sake, huh?

And of course, the swampy globalists occupying U$A and EU are most eager to continue providing that "service", eh?

It will be interesting to see how the power struggle plays out, between The People clamouring for universal Liberty, and those mesmerized by TPTB and thoughts of secure shepherding.

Mark W, Aurora Colorado

Good men want to know; crooked lefty wants to believe Fake News and ridicule knowledgeable dirt diggers as conspiracy nuts.

Also, although good men want to know, I have met a considerable ratio of those who are AFRAID of too much information; a hobbled mind is the bane of enlightened mankind (although religion and political profiteers love small minds and hobbles).

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