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Melechinski, HartfordMelechinski, Hartford
Melechinski, Hartford

There are only two possible economic systems; barter and slavery. God commanded a barter
system "thou shalt not steal." The United States Constitution mandates a barter system of gold and silver coins, Art.1, Sec.10. The Federal Reserve said their system "works (us) only with credit..." that would keep its value, "if there were fewer people bidding against each other (Keeping Our Money (their credit) Healthy. They have admitted here that no one pays any taxes since taxes cannot be paid with the weighhtless
credit that God forbids De.25:13-15. and they admitted that they need fewer people bidding against easch other. Do you see now the true reasons abortion was legalized and why there are so many toxins in our food and drinks and medicines such as aspartame, alloxan, alum, canola, chlorine, fluoride, bromine, milk, sugar, tobacco, etc?

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