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From my cursory research (Wikipedia) Strasser was a popular Nazi and inferentially he did reflect Nazi thinking. Heinrich Himmler was at one time his adjutant  This site attributes the quote to Strasser.  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7899303.Gregor_Strasser   Strasser got sideways with Hitler over policy and was killed as were a number because they were rivals. But being socialists most of the lot were a den of vipers. It is a good point though as there are other quotes promulgated here that are wrongly attributed. We need links for every quote and to the opriginal whenever possible.

Roger, Davenport

As to Mann in Kalamazoo -- certainly Communist China has equivalents. But each of those corporations in Nazi Germany and Communist China know well who or what is in charge. Hitler allowed some rope for efficiency. Russia had well compensated managers. For the I G Farbens and the Krupps the state was their business. Others were allowed in order to bring in currency into the economy.

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