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Sue, Glendale

Dear Newt, DC and others - to have the audacity to blame Bush and the Christian Right for the current state of economic affairs is ludicrous. I AM a Democrat and even I know better. Alan Greenspan in 1999, GWB starting in 2001, and others including John McCain who authored a bill in, I believe it was 2004, possibly 2005 to cause Congress to reverse the deregulation of Fannie/Freddie as Greenspan had predicted precisely what happened. Maxine Water's words were, "There is no crisis. They're just a bunch of racists who don't want poor people to own homes". Barney Frank accused Bush and the Right of being "Chicken Littles, like the sky was going to fall". Well guess what folks, it DID !!!! One of the biggest mistakes I find in America is that the citizens are ignorant to the nation around them. Pay attention to who the wealthiest truly are. What party do they belong to? What party do the wealthiest Congressmen belong to? Then pay attention to what the wealthiest Americans are doing with their money. Are they putting shoes on poor American childrens' feet? Are they building schools for American children in poor communities? Are they making certain that every poor American child has been vaccinated? Are they making certain that every poor American child has food on their table? This is not a racist issue since Blacks, Whites and Hispanices alike are equally guilty. Pay attention folks.

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