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Warrdoc, Elk Grove,CAWarrdoc, Elk Grove,CA
warrdoc, Elk Grove,Ca

To damn late to worry about it now, the yoke of oppression is upon us and the locking pin has been installed by our very own hands for the promise of manna & security.

warrdoc, Elk Grove,Ca

misanthrope? Waffler, where and how has Logan shown himself to be a hater of humankind?
This name calling (This includes all of us) is not going to elevate the debate. Keep it clean. If you really believe what you are saying and are passionate about it, if you care enough, then find a way to inspire and enlighten. Who knows, maybe just maybe, you'll convene someone. But, if you don't, let it go!

warrdoc, Elk Grove,Ca

Logan, Memphis, TN You got my attention, thank you!

warrdoc, Elk Grove,Ca

I agree with Mike, and I have one more reference for you all,
the gurus of climate change want to punish those who, in office or who has public influence, that dare challenge or disagree with their findings on global climate change

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