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It was your worshiped President "Bush"who called the Constitution "just a piece of paper". Don't blame Pelosi, Reed, Barney and other "misfits" who love to bash and blame, joke and cajole, but have nothing constructive to add. Sounds like the Party that doesn't want to accept responsibility for the mess we are in. This site should be renamed "The Rights the Way, Amen".

Your sister, MSU

Jim, The reason the States take money from Washington is to get some of the taxpayers monies back to the states that they live in to accomplish work that would have been done if the people didn't have to pay the illegal income tax to the federal gvmt. Do you think we should just let them keep it all. Same for Medicare and Social Security benefits. You guys write as if we are sucking your life blood (your money) out of you but personally I paid into those funds for 50 years, and if we had an honest system we would have a surplus in those programs if the gvmt wouldn't keep putting it in the general fund. What don't the smart fellows like you fellows do something about it rather than make smart comments, and put down liberals, leftists, green people, blah, blah, blah, blah. If you are so danged smart say something constructive or start a movement.

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