A. Yankee Quote

“It is always a part of the misfortunes of the vanquished that their portraits are painted and their history written by the victors.”

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Ronw13, Yachats Or

So are the fortunes and the loses of each. But to rediscover the hidden truth of oneself and of liberty and freedom denied.

jim k, austin tx

In wars, the victors write the history. How true.

E Archer, NYC

5 stars for the truth of it. So, this is the source of the "history is written by the victors" quote -- nice!

Mike, Norwalk

I can think of a few exceptions (The Christ's doctrines to date; As much as the carnal historians, political humanists, scientific sectarians, etc., etc., etc. have tried to eliminate by rewriting history and otherwise doctrines and, have had victory after victory over countries a thread of doctrine remains unchanged) BUT, the quote is far more accurate than not.


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