Adam SmithAdam Smith, (1723-1790) Scottish philosopher and economist

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“A true party-man hates and despises candour.”

Adam SmithAdam Smith
~ Adam Smith

The Theory of Moral Sentiments par. III.I.85

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Joe, Rochester, MI

Lack of candor helps legislators hide the truth from the people.

E Archer, NYC

An honest seeker of truth would obviously learn of the hypocrisy of whatever party he was to investigate. Ardent supporters of a political party or ideological doctrine are typically closed-minded to anything but the 'party line'.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

True but probably necessary. We usually defend our own group even when they are wrong, be it, party, family, ethnic or national group. It may be part of a subliminal survival instinct. When we are able to see ourselves as part of the entire family of man, we may be able to be honest and candid.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Waffler, Smith, Arkansas 9/11/18

Not everyone thinks like a collectivist.  Some are repulsed by groupism, some are secured by it.  How the individual answers the question 'who am I?' is what it is all about.  The liberated want liberation for everyone, the collectivists want collectivism for everyone.  Each have their costs and benefits.  And through it all, freedom of choice rises to the top.  Voluntary association, respecting the rights of others, is a powerful force  which is why the power-grabbers seek to control groups with rules and laws, so that the collective power can be used for for the "regulator's" profit.

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RobertSRQ    9/22/08

Anyone entrenched in their own world, who just listens for sound bites to shout at those who attack the party line, who provide no investigation, who never step foot out of the US, who are cocooned in their world of debt, far-right religious fundamentalism and party-man politics, despise the adventurer, the person who fights for those who are unable to do so, and who wants reason to prevail.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC RobertSRQ 9/11/18

What about far-left atheistic fundamentalism?  Any fundamentalist unwilling to re-examine their sacred cows is practicing ignorance.  Those unwilling to admit when they do not know are their own worst enemies.

Mike, Norwalk

Party affiliation seems to be an inherent evil that is woven into political man, in that, once an individual dons the name, as a title of who one is, far more often than not, candor, truth, etc. become obstacles to expression and function.

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    RobertSRQ    9/23/08

    Excellent Mike

    Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

    A statesman is the epitome of candour.


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