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“Ponder the capriciousness of human nature, which allows momentary appetites and fleeting attitudes to set the courses for entire lives and future responsibilities.”

~ Ann Gray

"BRIARS: The House of Heirs", 2002,

Ratings and Comments

Namron, Ormond Beach

Insightful observation of the human condition. A very poetic expression.

Peggy Goldtrap, Ormond Beach

Truth dressed in a designer wardrobe wrapped with words of wisdom.

Robert, Sarasota

How applicable this is considering the world's present government

Joe, Rochester, MI

Yes, they act without consideration if what they do will have the desired results.

E Archer, NYC

For that very reason the power of the government of a free republic must be stricly limited.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Human nature is completely predictable and is not capricious. The predictability of human nature is the basis of behavioral psychology, mass advertising, propaganda, etc. Individuals can be capricious, however, but are not necessarily so.

Jack Ford, Indianapolis

Wow - a powerful narrative!

Mike, Norwalk

An accurate overview for the vast majority WHILE, as Ken addressed - the sheeple are easily manipulated with the quote's focused observance.


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