Auberon HerbertAuberon Herbert, (1838-1906) English writer, theorist, philosopher, 19th century individualist, member of the Parliament of the U.K.

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“Politics must be the battle of the principles... the principle of liberty against the principle of force.”

Auberon HerbertAuberon Herbert
~ Auberon Herbert

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Joe, Rochester, MI

In the United States, liberty is being stomped on by force. Soon we will have no liberty, only a police state.

David L. Rosenthal

We are actually moving away from a police state but toward lawlessness. Liberty is not the right to do as you please. We are moving toward people doing as they please. This cannot take place in a police state.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

While I agree with Joe's statement, the quote still gets a thumbs down as I do not believe that this is an accurate definition of politics... but this does not mean I agree with David, as the only lawlessness going on these days is by those in power and applying force against the majority!

Mike, Norwalk

Liberty is the right to do as you please "IF" the God of Nature's absolute 'law' (not corporeal man's rules) is held sacrosanct. Liberty is defined by obedience to true law, not de-facto force; including 'my rights end where your nose begins'. The police state served by politics is alive and well in the United States, suffering only from growing pains. The principle of force is destroying liberty, replacing the loss thereof with control (victumless crimes included) and immorality.

E Archer, NYC

We live in a world of people with diverse ideals and views. Many feel the need to share their knowledge and discoveries. Some go so far as to use their personal power to influence others. Among those with much power are some who attempt to force their principles on others. This is the nature of the world, and we can only expect more of the same. The distinction here is that politics is the result of this contest of ideas. Liberty promotes the survival of ideals that rest on their principles alone while Force is used by those whose principles cannot stand up on their own. Yes, Liberty is to be able to do as one pleases while accepting the responsibility of such behavior. If no one's rights are agressed upon, then all is well. Why is that so difficult for some people to accept? I do not think most people really want Freedom for themselves or others -- they want to bend the world to their liking no matter what the cost. They are so keen on propping up a delusion, that they sacrifice the pure gift that this life presents.

David L. Rosenthal

If liberty were the right to do as one pleased, then there would be no consequences for doing that which agressed upon another's rights. Since there are such consequences, liberty is not properly defined as the rtight to do as one pleases. Violating the rights of others is criminal, in many cases. How old are you, Archer?

Mike, Norwalk

David, you totally missed what E Archer and I said. Liberty is properly defined as the right to do anything one pleases as long as it does not violate the rights of another. (Victimless crimes are criminally forced, without right, upon the persecuted / prosecuted.)

David L. Rosenthal

Mike: You are being unintelligible.

E Archer, NYC

David: Can you read? You are being unintelligent.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Libertarians believe that you can live as you please as long as you don't cause harm to others. I agree and wish that liberals would agree and leave folks alone. As good Democrat Woodrow Wilson said: "Government, in it's last analysis, is organized force".

GunnyCee, Durham

Woodrow Wilson and Adolph Hitler saw eye to eye on most things societally and the economically. What all these people who agree with them lack is a sense of decency and honesty. No economy or society can long exit without the principles and values of good honest people. Capitalism is about to collapse because our businessmen and women, our politicians, and big banks and Wall Street, especially, have the morals of alley cats in heat when it comes to riches and power. Any means to achieve the end is their guiding principle. Be warned, if this is allowed to continue, we are all doomed to live under a dictatorship under the guise of "the good of society."

Ronw13, Oregon

Classical Liberal philosophy, individual liberty and private property, voluntary funded government, force used only to defend the individual liberty and personal private property. Chophshiy liberty, freedom from bondaged and tax, at your pleasure. "At Liberty" as a child of the Sovereign or God. Eleutheria liberty, manumission from slavery. Licentious liberty without adherence to natural moral constraint promotes Nadiyb liberality, grandee tyrannical force of will, upon another.

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

It is the force that's stomping on our liberties... Until the people of America realize that their lives mean nothing to the deep state (Las Vegas is an example) we will continue to have mass shootings and the real perpetrators will continue their evil - each false flag event is getting more and more blatant - In the Las Vegas shootings there are over twenty discrepancies to the official story, and more are coming in. Same with 911 - after seeing building seven come down you should have no doubt whatsoever that your government doesn't give a dam about your sovereignty. Look up Operations Northwood and that should tell you how much your government has your safety and well-being at heart.


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