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“Any person or any so-called 'political spectrum' that equates live-and-let-livers with control freaks is even more evil than the worst control freaks themselves.”

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Are slaves that want nothing more than to have slaves for themselves worse than the masters themselves? Is not under such scenario as expressed by the quote, those within the control freak system that profess to live-and-let-live control freaks themselves?

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The liberality of the live and let live ideal is practicable only in the presence of Virtue.

jim k, Austin

Progressives are the epitome of control freaks.

E Archer, NYC

It's a sliding scale, on the left and the right. ;-) Controlling power (cash, labor, property, fuel, food, knowledge) is all they do now -- to hell with liberty and honor, it's all voting for power now. Isn't the 'political spectrum' itself just a collection of wanna-be controllers?


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