Bill ClintonBill Clinton, [William Jefferson Blythe III] (1946- ), 42nd US President

Infamous Bill Clinton Quote

“It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.”

Bill ClintonBill Clinton
~ Bill Clinton

Excerpt from Grand Jury testimony, Sep 21, 1998

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Joe, Rochester, MI

What more proof does anyone need to see that Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton for that matter, is a corrupt Socialist?

Ken, Garden Valley, TX

Way to inspire the people, Bill.

Cynthea, San Diego CA


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Anonymous    3/27/07


Erika, Minnesota

Of all the things this man has said, this is what you post?

Justin Young, Aspen Colorado

"If pigs could fly... the Clintons wouldn't need planes. Also, why is it that 'Jackasses' refuse to remember what 'Elephants never forget"? J. Plumlee Founder of the United American Voice

Jo Ann, Texas

I think they are about as corrupt as any people can get. I remember the Clinton years so well. One scandal right after the other.

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    Anonymous    3/15/09


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    Anonymous    10/22/09

    hate clinton, love the quote

    Philip, Vancouver

    The jury is a body of citizens sitting in peer judgement in a democracy, which is defined as Supreme Power vested in the people such that the not guilty judgement protects the people from egregious and unfair laws made by undemocratic politicians.

    RBE, Somewhere in Europe

    Stupid is stupid does!

    Mike, Norwalk

    Don't know how to rate this; 5 stars for accuracy or a thumbs down for how the reality there of had changed integrity, truth, and nobility into something else. Words are expressions of ideas, concepts, understandings, etc. When the meaning is changed, the facts, principles and perception of reality changes. For example, what are the meanings of freedom, liberty, rights and integrity? The perceptions of the U.S.A.'s founders differs greatly from that of today's politicians.

    Ronw13, Oregon

    Understanding how to deceive, where mischief is framed in a law with the intent to corrupt, life, liberty and freedom.

    Jim K, Austin

    Bill and Hillary, partners in crime.

    Paul, La Porte TX

    Erika, You're right. He has said many other things but only Monica could tell us.

    Patrick Henry, Red Hill

    The vilest figure ever to have acceded to the heights of power in American political history, save for his wife, B. H.Obama, Lyndon Johnson and Henry Kissinger.

    "Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."
    ~ Isaiah 5:20

    E Archer, NYC

    Bill Clinton is a disgrace and an embarrassment for the country. Hillary is his partner in crime.


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