Bruce E. Fleury Quote

“Censorship in any form, represents a lack of trust in the judgment of the individual. The passage of time provides the best perspective for sorting the wheat from the chaff.”

~ Bruce E. Fleury


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jim k, Austin,Tx

David Lee, nuts again.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, censorship can represent a lack of trust in the individual, but it can also be because the individual can be trusted to do something about it if he had known. Censorship invariably is to protect an established order or custom. The censorship of Ron Paul is not because there is a lack of trust in the judgement of the people, it is because Ron Paul is challenging their 'aristocracy.'

Lori, Taylorsville, UT

As a parent, I have had to remind myself of this time and time again while influencing our boys. In the process, I am the one who has begun to sort myself as wheat. As I approach middle age, I am just about mature enough to begin deciding who is wheat and who is chaff. Good fun.


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