BuddhaBuddha, [Gautama Siddharta] (563 - 483 BC), Hindu Prince, founder of Buddhism

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“Friendship is the only cure for hatred, the only guarantee of peace.”

~ Buddha

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Robert, Sarasota

Indeed - we never learn as a human race whereby animals do

Bob, Eugene, OR

The Dali Lama tried to be friends with Mao. That worked out really well.

Dick, Fort Worth

It's a start but a hell of a small one. Try educating the populace because politics, liberal and compassionate politics, is the crux of the solution.


At least the Dali Lama does NOT espouse hatred and revenge like other religious groups have done and do...

susana, patagonia argentina

I take it for granted.

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

I'd like to know what this quote, in its original tongue, actually says. I imagine that the translation of 'friendship' may have had a broader intended reference than it usually does in English today.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The Dali Lama is a pacifist, guaranteeing subjugation for his people.

David L. Rosenthal

The errors in this theory would take many pages to explain.

Mike, Norwalk

Friendship would have to be defined; and, be a bond between both parties.

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EGL, LA    12/18/06

The Dali Lama also has said that the only way to eliminate your enemy is to make him your friend. If we do not continually build the foundations for peace we will never achieve it. This is why america's foreign policy and diplomacy is so short sighted and flawed. We have not avoided our current engagement with violence nor are we sufficiently preparing to avoid one twenty years into our future by the fact that our actions breed more hatred and resentment.

Ken, Allyn, WA

What price are you willing to pay for an enemies friendship? Are you willing to compromise the principle of individual free will? How about your freedom to criticize your new-found "friend"? How about your and your families' lives? The reality of the world is that we are in a great, life-long, individual and civilizational competition for survival and the only guarantee of peace is to kill your enemy (or, of course, your enemy could kill you). Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

E Archer, NYC

It surprises me that so many so-called 'Christians' find this statement unworthy of praise. If it were Jesus that said it, I would suppose we would see 5 stars everywhere. Hmm, seems to me that I recall Jesus said something similar but maybe I am mistaken... something about loving your enemies and turning the other cheek, I think. ;-)

David L. Rosenthal

Archer: When you pretend to understand something with which you are so unacquainted, it shows. What you are revealing so clearly is how little you know about the subject on which you comment.

Logan, Memphis, TN

In general, it's an overal good quote; however, Mike is right, friendship would have to be defined... as would the parties involved. What is friendship? Friendship to whom? To what? I like to consider myself a friend of freedom, but what of the man who is a friend of hatred itself?

E Archer, NYC

I suppose Jesus' commandment to love one another was just reserved for Christians. Religionists can always justify their hatred and atrocities while ignoring the primary tenets of Christ's teachings. "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me."

David L Rosenthal

What Jesus taught and the words of this quote are not mutually supportive. Jesus taught to love your enemies, not to pretend to be their friend.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, David, Jesus asks a lot more of us than Buddha. If only we paid attention to his teachings, there would be more peace in the world. That doesn't take anything away from the wisdom in this quote.

David L Rosenthal

Why don't you explain "the wisdom in this quote," Archer. It goes right over my head.

T. Wright, SFL

What's being missed here is the understanding of karma. If you can make your peace with a man despite his deeds, open your heart to him in friendship in order to help him on his path to bliss you are fulfilling your role in the pattern of the universe. If this man is not enlightened enough to embrace your friendship and strikes you down despite your offer of love then he is not ready to walk the path and must spend more time learning but your next life will take you closer to nirvana because you have grown. This isn't any different than "turning the other cheek" with the promise of heaven regardless of the outcome or the meek inheriting the earth. Some people just want to argue, which is ironic when the argument begins over wisdom regarding peace.

M B, Holland, MI

First off, i admit i know very little compared to many of you, but i am compelled to say something. I agree with Archers last thread. I think we get so wrapped up in the doctrines of religion and end up missing the point. I heard once that no religion (Christianity) has had such a perfect living example of their religion (Jesus), yet followed it so poorly. This isnt about doctrine, it is about how to treat people, no matter what consequences your actions may have on yourself or others. I have a hard time thinking that Jesus would have wanted only Christians to live with a "turn the other cheek" mentality. I also think that Christians have a lot to learn from the life of a person like Buddha. This quote is about treating other people with love and respect...I think that is pretty universal.

Anonymous, calgary

I feel that is true, and the best friend one could have is as a child into teen hood. And then when we think of them we feel at peace

Dave, Portland, OR

I didn't really follow a lot of these comments, but I thought the quote was beautiful.

Jen, W Fargo

I Recently Read in a book called Essential Reiki that Jesus was a reincarnated Buddhist teacher - whom the Buddhists prayed to be reborn, they received "knowledge" of where/when Jesus would be born & they sent the 3 Wise Men to collect Jesus & his family to keep them safe. It says that Jesus & other enlightened ones, refuse to enter Nirvana until all are freed, they spiral through time being reborn as teachers when they are needed most again. I must say that I was shocked by this & have been a Christian all my life. As I look at the similiarities... I see now how this is VERY true. MANY ancient cultures have recorded that time moves in a spiral, history repeats as the "wise ones" return to teach those remaining here. ALL of the "wise ones" who came about 2000 years ago to the 3 Americas, left teachings, instructions, prophecies & vowed to return when these prophecies were completed. ALL prophecies have now come to pass.... everyone seems to be looking for the "wise ones" to be appearing at any moment... Jesus is at the top of the list. Natives say that they are here already incarnated into human bodies, altho no one knows who they are until the time comes for them (apparently as a group, all teaching everywhere) to come out in the open. This makes me wonder... What does Jesus think of all that has happened since the crucifiction? Will all the fighting, killing & arguing IN HIS NAME make Him smile?

Jen, W Fargo

In addition to my last comment, I would like to say that as a Mother...I look at the world and cry. Imagine being the PARENT of us ALL & seeing how Earth's Children have defiled the Creation, tortured & murdered each other in the NAME of "God." There should be NO enemies within a FAMILY... WE ARE ALL RELATED to each other & ALL of Creation! It is time... choose to LOVE! That which you dislike in others is but a mirror reflecting that which you have kept within your own heart. As you FORGIVE & LOVE THEM, it is REALLY you who receives that forgiveness & Love! Look into your hearts for Peace & Understanding.... May Peace be with & within you! Love, Jen

Anonymous, Chicago

Yeah cause war has been working out great for us so far....morons.

Colin, Marietta

It is not about pretending to be a friend. It is about true compassion. That is the only way for love and peace to win over your enemies. It is not about freedoms gained or lost. You have no freedoms, if you imagine that someone else may take them away from you.

Anonymous, Singapore

"I'd like to know what this quote, in its original tongue"...... As I have heard the Buddha's saying goes as: “Hatred is never appeased by hatred, hatred is appeased by love. This is the eternal law"

E Archer, NYC

Friendship goes both ways -- there won't be peace until BOTH sides practice it. Is the goal to destroy the enemy or to resolve the conflict? Can't 'friendship' be the goal instead of destruction? I saw a wonderful example of this at a Trump rally where a group of Black Lives Matter protested during the event. The speaker invited the group onto the stage, and the BLM leader made a very honest speech about their issues. The man was applauded by the audience, and afterwards there was some dialogue between the two groups. The BLM folks stopped their protest, and left peacefully feeling good about the interaction. An attempt to make peace and be friendly towards one another was made and yielded peaceful results. Can a zebra be friends with a lion? NO -- because it takes two to tango. The premise is that if we seek peace we seek friendship, not death to the enemy. If you can find Jesus' support for killing the enemy, please show it.

Durham, Birmingham, AL

Another question is the definition of peace. To some, that is for you to peacefully give them everything they demand, to be their slave.


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