Cardinal RichelieuCardinal Richelieu, (1585-1642) French clergyman, nobleman, statesman

Infamous Cardinal Richelieu Quote

“If you give me six lines written by the most honest man, I will find something in them to hang him.”

Cardinal RichelieuCardinal Richelieu
~ Cardinal Richelieu

As quoted in The Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations (1896) by Jehiel K̀eeler Hoyt, p. 763

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Cardinal Richelieu ~~~ Chief Minister to King Louis X!!! & antagonist in Dumas' "Three Musketeers"

Richard Gregory, Ross-on-Wye

Nowhere can one find out the source of this quote - did he actually say it, or has it just entered folk lore as something he ought to have said?

mich de rouck, brussels

Wasn't it attributed to Voltaire ?

Ron w13, Or

One of the worst tyrants to ever live. Knowing the raging fight between Protestantism and Catholicism. Like the fall and rise of a house of cards.

jim k, austin tx

We have thousands of laws and it's probably impossible not to violate one almost daily.

E Archer, NYC

Same as it ever was. Few (if anyone) can withstand the the full weight of the State. We must stand behind our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Mike, Norwalk

MSM provides a great affirming example of the statement's topic (not reporting the news or repeating an event but rather, hostly twisting anything that does not support favorably a version of their theocratic progressivism).


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