Charles-Louis De SecondatCharles-Louis De Secondat, (1689-1755) Baron de Montesquieu

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“The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded.”

Charles-Louis De SecondatCharles-Louis De Secondat
~ Charles-Louis De Secondat

The Spirit of the Laws, 1748

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David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood, FL

The deterioration of every government begins with the swearing in of its officials.

Jo Ann, Texas

I agree with Mr, Rosenthal

cal, lewisville, tx

It seems we have a constitution in name only now.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Is it too late to work within the corrupt system or too early to start shooting the bastards? Our history and founding principles have been scrubbed from the government indoctrination system.

Nothing more heartbreaking than to watch one of those man on the street interviews with college students on the campus with basic questions and being treated to a display of complete and utter ignorance.

jim k, austin tx

It's hard to argue with this one.

E Archer, NYC

The world is run by trolls. ;-)

Mike, Norwalk

Principles based on natural law are all but non existent. . Principles of individual sovereignty with inalienable rights are all but non existent. Principles of a secular representative republic are all but non existent. Etc., Etc., Etc. - welcome to a decaying Amerika.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

I like it Archer, perhaps if we knew their real names, would be scary. For students of the Word and seekers of the truth, I can't help but see the source text, Spirit of the laws " Principles being representative of the Spirit. The Spirit is in all goodness. There are nine fruits of the Spirit, nine is the number of blessing. You will find them referenced in the ninth book of the NT, KJB. The ancient source for the number is Genesis 9 verse 9. Brings to mind " Seek after the Spirit and you shall live ". For children to seek after the Spirit they must be taught simply and to the point. As learning to count when the foundation is laid. Our liberty and freedom is liken unto a Rock you will find in Romans 9:33. This reference always appears in multiples of 11. the number of Change. Also within music they are termed simitones. Vibrations of air not heard. But to a discerning ear Liberty always ring true. As with the guiding of the Spirit through the desire of the heart. To seek after the face of God and rest upon his mighty right arm are not empty words, but are built upon a foundation of knowledge that comes by way of intimate knowledge of God, known I'm sure by a few founding fathers, it cannot be faked ! Otherwise Washington would never have made mention. Just a tid-bit of knowledge from one who stands upon the rock upon which the Republic rest. To the Core be true, Semper Fi

Paul Reznicek, Brenham

Well I think you are right on..:: I will give you a address that my pastor wrote. I do be leave you will welcome it!!price-list/cfl1

Thank you// Paul

RBE, somewhere in the USA

No truer word spoken...

jim k, Austin

5 Stars Again.


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