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“I don't know a more irreligious attitude, one more utterly bankrupt of any human content, than one which permits childred to be destroyed.”

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Children, yes... like the war that King George W and his hench men run... but this gets a vote down 'cause this sicko isn't talking about children here. Hey, no one WANTS an abortion... but sometimes it IS the right choice... far better that choice than a life of hell on earth.

Mike, Norwalk

All life is noble!!!

Brenda, Miami

Hey Anonymous, if they aren't yet children, when are they?? When is an individual deserving of Constitutional protection?? At birth? At 18? Only if they are tax-payers (as Paul Erlich proposed)? There is no point biologically at which can say 'at this point this thing becomes a human' except at conception. And what makes you think an 'unplanned person' will have a "a life of hell on earth"? What say do you, or the person's mother have? Isn't that the Libertarian position, my rights end where yours begin?

Jack, Green, OH

Right on, Reston! It isn't children he's talking about. It's fetuses. No dispute about children. There are many of us who can't see fetuses as children. Incidentally, I am as opposed to abortion as anyone and I also had to admire the Berrigan brothers in their anti-war activism (sometimes a little too active) during our last major military fiasco in Vietnam. But respect for individuals' freedom of choice, to me, comes first, sort of like some folks' second amendment rights

Egon, Lancaster PA

Berrigan is a consistent liberal. He opposes war by condemning violence as a method of solving problems. Abortion is violent, admit it, and the issue of identity of any human being with a unique DNA mark should be enough to convince a doubter that a person is existing in the womb.

E Archer, NYC

What's all this hypocrisy about abortions when American government kills hundreds of thousands of children with missles and bombs? I am more concerned about the living and breathing children walking around on this Earth -- and when they are blown to bits by American weapons, the American people are responsible (and certainly appear to be the great Satan by those that have lost their precious ones). Why are so many anti-abortionists pro-war?

Joe, Rochester, MI

Mention "children" and emotions fly, logic goes out the window, even more so when you also mention "abortion." Everyone is a child and deserves life. A woman may choose abortion, but I prefer she doesn't, and tax dollars should never be spent for her to do so. Berrigan is obviously a liberal socialist. Our government should NOT be attacking other countries, killing people.

Jack, Green, OH

Something is wrong with your descriiption of Berrigan as a liberal, Egon, in the argumant betweeen pro-life vs. pro-choice. Sounds pretty conservative to me. Or does simply being anti-war make him a liberal and to be a conservative is to be pro-war?

De Anna, Pocahontas County, WV

What do _I_ think? I think there's a typo in the quote and it should be corrected. Other than that, fairly good quote.

Robert, Sarasota

What a hypocritical statement - the truth is we are more conscious of money than we are of the well-being of children. Today as yesterday, we allow atrocities to continue and sit idled by and make ridiculous religious statements about the preservation of human life while turning a blind eye to Darfur and other acts of genocide.

JT Ready, Mesa, Az

Life begins at conception. Whether we respect that scientific fact or not determines when life as a human being morally begins for us.

Ken, california

Abortion is murder, plain and simple

Ken, california

And of course Fr. Berrigan is correct.

Dick, fort worth

Reston and Archer have it right. And I really wonder if some readers could write an opinion of any kind without raising the bugaboo of socialism, the definition of which is completely unknown to them, or quoting the Bible, misbegotten relic of men who wrote the nonsense and superstitions of three to five thousand years ago. How in hell could this collection of evil and incredulous acts be believed over all that has been learned since?:

warren, olathe

It is a basic truth. How can anyone expect moral actions from a society that kills its children?

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Edmund    7/14/14

Abortion is murder. It is the deprivation of an individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Denying an unborn child, or any other being, of his or her right to a future is never acceptable.

I am pro-life, anti-infanticide, anti-war, anti-death-penalty, and pro-animal-welfare.


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