Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster, (1782-1852) US Senator

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“Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint; the more restraint on others to keep off from us, the more liberty we have.”

Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
~ Daniel Webster

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David L Rosenthal

Well enough. But do not forget that sometimes we ironically restrain ourselves as a consequence of pursuing some aspect of liberty that blows up in our face.

Mike, Norwalk

The sentiment of the original Constitution is music to the soul, oh that it were the principle philosophy and rule of law today.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

It depends upon what "is" is... just what is "wholesome restraint" anyway?

E Archer, NYC

There will always be those that wish to remind us that while this sentiment is 'nice' there are those that need to be restrained (for their own good, of course) -- the perpetual cause of tyrants. The best way to do that is to declare people criminals for doing nothing more than exercising their rights without permission from another.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Very well said, Archer.

Ronw13, OR

WWG1WGA MAGA, is not just a phrase, but a Defining aspect of the Trump Era. Breaking the Siege of corruption through Wholesome Restraint. 


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