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“The best way to understand this whole issue is to look at what the government does: it takes money from some people, keeps a bunch of it, and gives the rest to other people.”

Dave BarryDave Barry
~ Dave Barry

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J Carlton, Calgary

“But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.” ― Frédéric Bastiat, The Law

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

None is "kept", it is all given away... employees and contractors are paid for work (mostly) performed. It is the contractors who tend to keep their portion (in the form of CEO pay).

Mike, Norwalk

Carlton, exactly, right on, great overview ! The 'A' from Reston is a worshiping devotee of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land. (complete with all her shallow half truths). A question 'A' from Reston, why or how have so many elected federal officials become multimillionaires while serving in office ? hmm - they must be contractors ?

J Carlton, Calgary

Reston may be right in that it is all given away...to foreign banks, to foreign welfare nations, to foreign wars of intervention...and like that! And obviously Reston disagrees with the idea that contractors should be able to earn a profit, good communist that he is...

jim k, Austin, Tx

Reston, A lot of this money "kept" and lines the pockets of our friends in the congress.

E Archer, NYC

Reston's hypocrisy only highlights the partisan views he/she holds. Cheney made millions through Enron and Halliburton -- both big government contractors. Pelosi has made millions in the last few years on insider trading. Gore has positioned himself to make millions in mercury-filled light bulbs by helping to make incandescent light bulbs 'illegal.' Right now employees for the federal government make more money than those in the private sector doing the same job. With government growing exponentially, the percentage of those living off the labors of others has doubled. Government produces NOTHING, but they do take a rather large percentage of what they borrow and take through taxation. And yes, billions upon billions of borrowed money that the People have to pay back are funneled to foreign governments and banks.

Mike, Norwalk

Oh yeah, leave it up to E Archer to put an accurate face to what we're talking about. Yeah, he has to illustrate the point beyond legitimate denial ! (-; good job, thanks Archer ;-)

Bill Winstead, Houston

Writing like that, Dave Barry is a government agent. They do not take money from the pockets of people, The Fed said theit system "works (us) only with credit" that would keep its value "if there were fewer people bidding against each other." Source: www.morpix.biz/x4 www.morpix.biz/deadly Abortion and fluoridation are 2 of many ways to reduce our bidding against each other.

Wild Bill, RidgecrestCA

I think that if we don't get rid of all the Communists, Grifters Con Artists an other assorted bad guys in Government this time. We will be dancing to a new Piper!

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Competition within the private sector, Stiff to say the least. Over the course of 35 years or more the " Cuff Money" padding the bid so to speak, has been eliminated to a great degree. Quality is paramount in certain sectors, even when contracting with the government. Most of labor has no idea as to the overhead cost for running a small Prime Sub Contract business. Contract building vs Defense Contracting are two different creatures. With or without integrity, who you know plays a big part with the gov, their inspectors controlling a large portion of persuasion. Most independents never make the cut, to custom, commercial or government contracts, due to a lack of experience, quality, and Integrity. Targeting by Congress and the IRS to Eliminate those Americans who act as Sovereign independent Contractors, has been their goal all along ! Emigrational overthrow, within the private sector, unionization of skilled trades, rubbing out competition of the free market. The quote speaks of Extortion, and Fraud on a grand scale. Sad to say. Well said E. Archer !!!

jim k, Austin

Right on E Archer and Wild Bill.


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