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“Anybody that wants the Presidency so much that he'll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office.”

~ David Broder

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Steven, Doubtville

When a politician raises money for his/her political campaign whatever is not spent on the campaign becomes his/her money so why raise and spend hundreds of millions even billions of dollars on an office the salary of which will not recoup the amount spent even if the position lasted for ten lifetimes?

Mike, Norwalk

One very good qualifier.

jim k, austin

The cuurent campaign is like a good news, bad news joke, except it's more like a bad news, worse news joke. Unfortunatly, one of them will be elected , so vote for the one who will do the least amount of damage to the republic.By comparison, Obama makes McCain look good.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

The Presidency is just a vehicle for the citizenry. Billions are spent for the right of the people or some group of the people to ascend to the throne.

jim k, austin

More Waffler non-sense, it never stops.

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RobertSRQ    10/2/08

Perfect - we should make a law, no campaign financing and run-up to elections can only start two months before the vote - OK two laws...

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    RobertSRQ    10/2/08

    If only McCain can get that grin off his face and act like a grownup. Oh, and I forgot, stop telling lies and twisting the truth - I'm sure there's lot more. Jim, the damage is done, and is being done as we speak, we want someone that will come in and sweep the floor clean -

    Dave Wilber, St. Louis

    I think no one should vote for the lesser of two evils but they do every time. What does scripture say? "Thou shat not follow a multitude to do evil,: Ex, 23:2

    Dave Wilber, St. Louis

    "That you vote does not prove you are free, it just shows you are a slave who votes."--anon One page by that anonymous writer should convince any literate person that we are slaves. If not, see: www.morpix.biz/dc You can get 5 pages from: hadagin@yahoo.com To see McCain's sign in the distance, it sure looks like "McCain Pain." But to knock one is to support the other so I must ad, there is a law suit trying to show that Obama is not American born and not qualified. If you must vote, vote for yourself. Will either candidate reveal the truth that the department of Veteran's affairs revealed?

    RKA, Wasilla, AK

    Here is what I think, and I am not trying to be partisan. Infact I am not, because the party I am looking for is just not out there!! I believe this statement to be true. All these times on these campaigns, in the name of trying to pass on "their message", all my layman eyes can see, are "calculative moves" and "certain positions" on issues. If one runs for an office with a core conviction that guided him to that point of running for an office, then why these "calculative moves"???? Why I ask!?!?!? Deception, thats what it is. Amidst all these deceptions and these hyper-bloated talking heads with creed of socialism and capitalism, all they spout out is their bile of lies. And we the people, instead of seeking that inalienable right of self determination and self existence, we look at these parades and soap opera and we fall for these bloated false promises, in thus doing we elect morons. This is not the country the founders thought of!?!?!

    E Archer, NYC

    I couldn't agree more.

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    Jim K your coment is why I call you a fascist, like there is only one view for you, dogmatism is a sign of fascism or a dictatorial mind. Have you nothing to say about the quote? You do not have to respond to me a be a gatekeeper like Archer. The White House is the peoples house, and choosing its occupant is in a sense putting our own values into the house governance. Why can you not understand that?

    Logan, Memphis, TN

    Ascend to the throne? Wow, Waffler even rejects the current definition of a Republic -- now that's pretty "hardcore". Dogmatism is a sign of fascism? ..laughs.. did you just recently read that in a book? That's an interesting sound bite. I agree with the quote -- it's highly suspicious for someone to be wanting the presidency for that long...

    J Carlton, Calgary

    One of the greatest illusions ever pulled was the illusion that our vote makes a difference. If we had more than two choices it just might. But for the most part we are polarized as right or left. When in fact whether you vote right wing or left wing...you are voting for the same bird. Under red or blue administrations we keep losing our rights, our property and our freedoms. So rather than voting for the lesser of two evils I say don't bother. Suppose they gave an election, and nobody came?

    Mike, Norwalk

    I think one of the greatest illusions was made when the individual's vote no longer went to someone that would represent the sovereign but, now goes to an individual that will represent the State (local to federal). The State being no longer of, by, or for the people but rather, a foreign entity with self proclaimed inherent right. We The People are but chattel to the foreign dictatior. It is very accurate then to say: Anybody that wants to be the despotic head executive of a foreign dictator so much that he'll spend two years organizing and campaigning for it is not to be trusted by We The People.

    Goop, Gloucester

    Anyone who actively desires the Presidency should be automatically disqualified as mentally unfit.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Mike, Norwalk...agreed with two thumbs up.

    waypasthadenough, Taylor County, Kentucky. CSA

    10 Rules for the voting booth http://www.willowtown.com/reality/rules.htm

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      Anonymous    4/7/09

      Pretty cynical, although I guess this idea has merit. However, Obama definitely seems to be an exception to this rule. Only 2 months in office and he's already done more good for this country than George Bush did in his entire two terms.

      Mike, Pleasant Hill

      @ Anonymous, never cared for Bush but to come out and say that Obama did good for the country is delusional! Anyone who has researched Obama's history would laugh at your assertion, since Obama was a boy he has been immersed and indoctrinated into communist philosophy all you need to know to see that is true is to know the background of the people he has associated himself with.
      Obama will go down in history as America's worst president, Jimmy Carter can now die in peace having passed that mantle to him.

      Ronw13, Yachats Or

      Being dupe growing up, within a religious sect however benevolent. Doubt and guilt, old school tactics of control. Constantly paying for sins and rededication. You feel good for a little while. Not until many years later, say 28 yrs old, I heard the whole truth of debt and Liberty. A rebel with a good cause, separated out from among the voting religious socialist. The weight was lifted and the light bulb came on. Study began of sound doctrine over the course of 4 yrs. Left the nest and traveled for many years sharing the truth of true liberty. Returning now and then to see the Dear Old Man. Keeping that you are entrusted with is a gift. Very few receive it. Many lay in wait never venturing far, wanting that mantle. Coming to the defense of the Dear Old Man in the latter years, seeing the corruption within the association, theologians like politicians are cut throat. Wanting control of the constituents minds and thus the pocket book. Voting they seem to think controls the calling of leadership. Boy, they were in for a surprise, as myself also. It is best to be faithful with a little, which is actually a lot, then, if and when needed more is given for the defense and edification of our type of Pure liberty. Let us hope someone is under the wings, and comes forth in our time of need concerning this Nation and the world at large.
      Semper FI


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