Bishop Desmond TutuBishop Desmond Tutu, (1931- ) Nobel Prize for Peace 1984

Bishop Desmond Tutu Quote

“We must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose. We cannot afford to use methods of which we will be ashamed when we look back, when we say, '...we shouldn't have done that.' We must remember, my friends, that we have been given a wonderful cause. The cause of freedom! And you and I must be those who will walk with heads held high. We will say, 'We used methods that can stand the harsh scrutiny of history.'”

Bishop Desmond TutuBishop Desmond Tutu
~ Bishop Desmond Tutu

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Jack Brown, Sebastian

a model for our country, particularly now

Mike, Norwalk

That such a sentiment was alive today. Criminal religionists (socialists communists, fascists, progressives, etc.) now control with out conscious; AND, they do not even have it in them to entertain natural law's life, liberty, inalienable rights or individual sovereignty. The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land / the macabre death cults killing mind / heart / prosperity have no shame in their methodology of carnage, chaos or destruction.


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