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“Gun control has proved to be a grievous failure, a means of disarming honest citizens without limiting firepower available to those who prey on the law-abiding. Attempting to use the legal system to punish the weapon rather than the person misusing the weapon is similarly doomed to fail.”

~ Doug Bandow

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J Carlton, Calgary

Oh come on! Gun Control works just fine, ask the experts...Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Amin, Gaghaffi, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jong Il, Hussein...Obama...

Mike, Norwalk

good observation

jim k, Austin, Tx

Criminals will always have guns in spite of the strictist gun control laws.

E Archer, NYC

The statistics are in. Once DC officials were forced by the Supreme Court to honor the results of an election to over turn the hand gun ban, murders dropped 35% in the first year. Similar results are now being confirmed in Chicago as their gun ban was over turned as well. Everywhere you look in America, the cities with gun bans have the highest murder and crime rates. Come on New York City! The Drug War really must be stopped if you want killings and crime to abate. Because of the US prohibition on drugs, war and crime is rampant throughout the Americas. End it, and watch a transformation you could not imagine.


Soon, perhaps free men will prove this quote very true.

jim F, Clinton, NJ

Now more than ever we must watch out for those looking to take our freedon away, for our own good!


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