Elie Kedourie Quote

“Any philosophy worth considering must attempt to account for the existence of evil in the world.”

~ Elie Kedourie

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Cal, Lewisville, TX

Only death and taxes are forever. Exceptions to everything else.

Mike, Norwalk

OK, I like it

E Archer, NYC

Every animal in the world has to look twice before taking a drink of water, on the lookout for predators. There is no reason to assume that a man doesn't also have to be prepared to defend himself against other human predators. In particular, those with immense wealth and power are the most dangerous -- for them, might makes right.

watchman 13, USA

Consider Plato and Republicanism. Must account, not attempt to. Through experience.


Elie Kedourie was clearly unfamiliar with philosophy as many self-serving politicians (but I repeat myself) seem to be.


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