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“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

~ Elie Wiesel

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Brian D. Pickett, Tampa, Fl

Who realy cares what this professional "Holocaust survivor" has to say. I have heard this fraud claim he was liberated from several different camp, leading me to believe he was never in a camp.

Jack, Green, Ohio

It doesn't matter who said these words, they are just as true. They could have been said by many people, and probably were. It usually takes more courage to protest an injustice than to acquiesce to it.

Dick, Fort Worth

Anyone who thinks Wiesel is a fraud is someone who doesn't want to know the truth or who reads only what he agrees with. As one who wrote, "It doesn't matter who said the words, they are just as true."

Raymond Howard, Mentone, Ca.

I have a diffidence to Elie Wiesel, and it is his fraudulent claims that give him earmark celebrity persona. To Dick in Fort Worth, it is his inconsistencies in "Night" that draw the most attention. When the Germans have Crematoriums, why douse bodies in piles with gasoline and burn them? Makes no "logical" sense! Beyond this, there is a quote of my own, start chanting to yourself as Elie should quoting me, "There are none so oppressed as those obsessed!" Also, there are very few conspiracies, instead "The next best thing to conspiracy is complacency!" Think about how many Jews are complacent to Zionism, and then you'll see where the problem lies. I'm not talking the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" at all, but again, "The next best thing to conspiracy is complaceny!"

Bill, Hopkins

Ray try rereading your post's. Correct the spelling and check your grammar and learn how to use a dictionary. Learning a little sentence structure couldn't hurt. and a thesaurus, and last but not least stop using 20.00 dollar word's in a 2.00 dollar sentence. Your cheap college degree is showing.

Mike, Norwalk

Wiesel being a noble peace prize winner only puts him in the same category as the lying war monger - Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin. Not shooting the messenger, the statement on its face is accurate and moral.

watchman 13, USA

Truth is universal

J Carlton, Calgary

Protesting does no good at all. Our "rulers" expect us to do that and it changes nothing. And if they ever manage to disarm us, protestors will be the first ones killed. ALL of history tells us this....

E Archer, NYC

Non-violent non-cooperation with evil is the only protest that ever made any difference. One must not obey bad laws.


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