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“The American feels too rich in his opportunities for free expression that he often no longer knows what he is free from. Neither does he know where he is not free; he does not recognize his native autocrats when he sees them.”

~ Erik H. Erikson

Childhood and Society, 1950

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David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

The American generally is too busy working, playing, and stuffing his face to realize that anything is amiss.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Freedom dies in small pieces. Even losing small freedoms, like a $65 ticket for choosing NOT to wear your seatbelt, erodes our RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness.

E Archer, NYC

As long as Americans can run their mouths, we believe we are free. But how many can honestly tell the truth? We have become conditioned hypocrites -- and most of us do not realize how evident it is to the rest of the world.

Bob, Eugene, Or

I'm usually rather circumspect Europhiles who criticize Americans, but he is somewhat correct. www.eugeneunderground,

Samantha, Ohio

He is a very smart man that changed the world!

William, Prozac

americans are just stupid lazy selfish and uncaring people who think they are allowed to do anything that they want.

Robert, St. Emilion, France

Archer, right-on! The problem in America is the last sentence, because until Americans do recognize they are living in an autocratic society things will remain the same - go back to sleep America, everything is OK. There are those such as on this page that do recognize and it is up to us to change things... To start with, stop all private and corporate funding of politicians. And secondly, bring all American troops home and shut down the 750 military bases around the world. Lastly, provide healthcare for all citizens - the caveat here is that the Healthcare system must be changed because it is rife with corruption. The saving alone from a well managed system would easily pay for healthcare for all.

Robert, St. Emilion, France

I know - I was in healthcare.....

Mike, Norwalk

Wow Robert, I almost thought you went Libertarian on us. I am glad you straightened everything out with the religious duty to medicate our fellow men. ;-) It is REALLY good to see you back !

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Cliff    8/13/14
Mike, Pleasant Hill

Where in the Constitution does it grant the federal government jurisdiction and the power to provide healthcare to all citizens? The Constitution is a limitation on government power not the people for a very good reason!

Not binding the politicians down with the chains of the constitution is what got us into this mess, it's been a long slow process but we've let it happen and now we're dealing with the out-of-control consequences.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

William on Prozac, you forgot to mention that the American people are the most generous people of any nation on the earth. Whenever there is some kind of natural disaster anywhere on the earth Americans are usually the first ones there to help, we even gave aid to our enemies for crying out loud.

However your statement does have some truth to it, it describes the progressive mindset of the left to a T!

Ron w13, Or

Robert, France. Your reasonable and correct observation is refreshing. With so much emigrant movement to this nation, side tracking of the publics attention is paramount. This being also the pressure upon nations under the same siege. A concert of movement on a global scale. Globalized socialism.
Core Americans, native autocrats who recognize Foundational principals are waking up. But the cares of life, as with rocky ground, chock the seed of liberty and freedom from their mind. Only when independents prosper among them do they pay attention to the independents testimony of favor and grace from our Creator. Of course, this glorying must be attributed to our Creator, not ourselves, to be of any lasting effect. As with any trade, doctors hold the keys to service they provide.

Robert, St. Emilion, France

Thanks Mike (Norwalk) Looking after the sick and disabled is not a matter of constitutional dictates but a matter of civilization and well being for the communities we inhabit. And for the other nationalistic comment; the American people are generous, but the American government has been and still is the most imperialistic and the most destroying of nations than any since WWll. Please do your research and you will see that all American incursion have been for self interest, either resources, keeping the dollar as the world currency, drugs, mineral deposits, and so on. America will take us all into WWlll - their re-invasion of Iraq has nothing to do with humanitarian reason's, but to secure the oil fields and create a Kurdistan. The ISIS terrorist's, America created (like Al Qadda), in the past week or so captured the Erbil oil fields in northern Iraq - two of the largest oil fields in Iraq. Turn the coin and you will see a very different picture. And as for the Ukraine - American interference again, it was the military (another American puppet) that shot the plane down - and who knows they may have tried to shoot down Putin's plane which was very close at the time. Please American do your home work and learn the truth about your beautiful country and what carnage they are creating around the world. GAZA, well that's another page in England and Americas dark history. Lets hope America and Israel back off their march to war. Peace brothers.....

Ron w13, Or

But then Robert, France. Can we also know that the same families which migrated originally here from Europe, still rule, so who is the puppet. Some of us Americans, free born sovereign individuals know our history well. And who we have been at odds with sense the beginning.
Semper Fi


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