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“[Censors are] people with secret attractions to various temptations... They are defending themselves under the pretext of defending others, because at heart they fear their own weaknesses.”

~ Ernest Jones

Papers on Psychoanalysis, 1918

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Mike, Norwalk

I'm sure it happens.

Byron, Fort Collins

"They are defending themselves under the pretext of defending others,...". Has anyone honestly ever defended another person with whom they did NOT, at heart, identify?

jim k, austin,Tx

I suspect that the idiot preacher in Topeka whose "chiuch" members picket all the gay funerals is probably a closet homosexual himself.

E Archer, NYC

Makes sense, but a generality.

warren, olathe

In his day we had censors that looked to protect against improper or perverse things in the new forms of media. We had movie censors and TV "good seal of broadcasting" messages on our sets. We had to get rid of all that to prevent censorship of free speech and so on. Now we have over whelming filth on our movie screens and TV screens. In order to watch a top mainstream movie you have to endure language that is not just vulgar and insulting to your intelligence, it is totally unnecessary and more often than not unrealistic. It is inserted into the dialog gratuitously. It seems that the only thing that is likely to be censored now is that which is good and wholesome. As for the quote I am not sure it actually makes sense.


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