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“Socialism is the idea that violent force is an appropriate response to peaceful, voluntary exchange.”

~ Frank J. Fleming

Twitter Oct 13, 2015

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Susan R, Maryland

Sounds like a bad guess to a question on a political science test!

Mike, Norwalk

UMMM, Okay, kinda sorta in an around about way. Socialism is antithetical to a peaceful, private voluntary exchange and relies on violence to enforce status. More yes than no. An application issue outside the definition of what it is.

Anonymous, Phoenix

I am not even close to being a socialist, but that is just a lie. Even if it were more yes than no, it is sweeping generalizations like this that hinder intelligent discourse.

Ronw13, Yachats OR

Prior to " Legal plunder " there was Financial Liberty, taken away at the point of a gun, and continues so today. If you wish to test the fact, refuse tribute to the governor for your hearth and home.


simple and true

jim k, Austin

Ronw13, well said.

J. Allen, Arlington, Va

Very succinct and accurate.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

Are you people crazy? What country claims to support Capitalism more ardently than the US and A, yet almost always has a violent response to any opposition. What a load of crap! I guess poiinting the finger really does point three back!

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Mary-MI    1/28/16

Socialism requires group think and mob rule. When you don't follow and obey the mob and their "group think" the outcome is too often to use their force to shut you up and lay you out.

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

Stupid 11th grade remark.....

E Archer, NYC

The thumbs-downers above are in denial about their beloved socialism -- or shall we say government social work. The threat of being bankrupted with fines and being imprisoned accompany every unlawful tax foisted upon the people. Constitutionalists are considered 'terrorists.' Children being taken away from home-schooling parents. Marijuana smokers imprisoned who have hurt no one. Assassinations of those who pose any real threat to the banksters (without which socialism/communism would be impossible) occur at the highest levels to intimidate any others who dare to expose the racket. Socialism is a hierarchy of mobsters and use the same tactics -- fascism is a form of socialism in which the Executive directs all regulating power to himself, but every mob boss needs bosses underneath him.

Socialists conveniently ignore the millions upon millions murdered by socialists in the past in pursuing their collectivist utopia. Talk about an 11th grade mind set ...

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

Then America must be a socialist state as its answer to peaceful demonstration is usually violence. 

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Robert, Somewhere in the USA 7/28/20

Robert, peaceful demonstrations are generally met with and guard against violence. You are obviously parroting Amerika's fake news, progressive liars and propagandists. By example, mothers lock arms while the police are being attacked. Accuracy should be the standard here. America must be a socialist nation because all 10 planks of the communist manifesto have been adopted and violence, or a threat thereof is the answer to most situations / questions.


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