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“It's often safer to be in chains than to be free.”

~ Franz Kafka

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Anon    2/26/10

A man in chains is nothing more than a resource and when he can no longer perform properly he is discarded like any other resource that's discarded when it can no longer do what it was meant to do for the benefit of its master.

J Carlton, Calgary

If the animated contest of freedom and the pursuit of excellence scares you then you are poorly prepared for life and will probably do best hiding under the governments skirt tails. Just do it somewhere else please, and stop asking me for a handout.

jim k, Austin

With the Pelosi-- Reed bunch in office, we may soon find out if this quote is true.

cal, lewisville, tx

How true Jim K-how true!

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RBESRQ    2/26/10

Such is the condition of nearly every single American - they would rather be in chains than free, its safer... Do you all really know what it is to be free or are you just faux free... We have the worst terrorist state in the world and you post comments like this. This is further proof that America will undoubtedly implode - have a wonderful day. Under yours nose at at night they continued the Patriot Act (Police State Act). Mike the thread continues. Mike, Waffler, and Archer you are conspicuous by your absence

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Thankfully Obama, Reed & Pelosi are working hard to remove the chains that King George W & his jesters shackled us all with!

Mike tangunu, Boston, MA

The prob is not Reed & Pelosi. It's the entire Congress where Bills go to die, the American narrowmindedness too and the Media influence. Most sheepish electorates have been chained by talk show and TV guys. They can't think on their own. When the media says "Go against Bush"... "Go for Obama' and in turn "Go against Obama", they do just that. The American electorates sh'd grow up. 'Tea party' is just a bunch of losers & confusionists, who either have no heads or are sick in the head. The best hope for the country and for Democrats is to push for a bold jobs bill--let Republicans oppose it, and force them to filibuster against it. And then take the argument to the American people. Push for taxing the bankers and protecting consumers--let Republicans oppose it, force them to filibuster it, and take that to the American people. And stop talking about health care and pass the damn bill. Push the fix through the Senate on reconciliation. That’s what many congressional Republicans did in 2006 when they supported George W. Bush’s surge in Iraq even though most Americans opposed it. Back then, it was called voting your conscience

Howard, Bangkok

Wow, so true. Liberty does not afford you security. But security will definitely afford you chains. As one great patriot said: Give me liberty or give me death.

Elisabeth, Astoria, NY

Ah! I'm glad to see all thumbs down, like mine! But where's Waffler?

aa, hb
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    aa, hb    2/27/10

    Safer for the masters....if you are in chains...


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