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“Laissez-nous faire, laissez-nous passer. Le monde va de lui meme. (Let us do, leave us alone. The world runs by itself.)”

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jim k, Austin, Tx

Perhaps the world would run by itself if government would get out of the way.

Mike, Norwalk

In a world where individual sovereigns have representatives, the sovereign does and his representatives have no authority to get in his way. I am not personally familiar with a representative republic, any where in the world that has individual sovereign rights represented.

Luis, Panama

This is one of the best expresion in French about human individual liberty.
It's a Pity that this expresion is not followed in France today because of the rule of Socialism.

J Carlton, Calgary

Another French saying from medieval times I've heard..."Drink the Wine, eat the Bread and let the world be the world." Now if we could just remove the controlling / parasitic nature of a "progressive or Neo-Con" government, this old French saying might be one to live by. :)


Ahhh yes, the French. Try that one on Hitler.

jim k, austin tx

A good slogan for us Libertarians.

Ron w13, Or

So true Luis, Panama.

E Archer, NYC

Mais, OUI !! ;-)


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