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“Tax limits, or fiscal constraints generally, can be expected to curb government's appetites to the extent that the utility function of governmental decision makers contains arguments for privately enjoyable 'creature comforts,' for final end items of consumption. Such constraints become much less effective, and may well be evaded, if the motive force behind governmental action is 'do-goodism.' The licentious sinners we can control; the saintly ascetics may destroy us.”

~ Geoffrey Brennan and James M. Buchanan

The Power to Tax : Analytical Foundations of a Fiscal Constitution (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980), p. 166

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Waffler, Smith

Fails to recognize that the entire purpose of government or "societal organization" is to do good. Doing good being defined as having things in community that boosts the personal comfort and well being of all ie. roads, parks, secure senior citizens, defense ad nauseaum.

J Carlton, Calgary

Goes to show that "do gooders" in the form of government bureaucracy are hugely wasteful of resources. Infrastructure can more efficiently be maintained / constructed through private enterprise and a bidding process rather than being handed directly to Unionized parasites who's only goal is to work to rule and steal as much as they can.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Those true believer, liberal do-gooders cause most of the countries' troubles. If they would just leave us alone, things would work out, but like cockroaches, they have to get into everything.

Waffler, Smith

Carlton check it out infrastructure is built by private enterprise. But only the people have a say as to where the infrastructure is to go etcetera. Maybe you have a road and infrastruture building government in Canada but come back home and find out how things really work in the USA.

Kimo, lahaina

Ditto , could not have said it better than jim from Austin


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