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“There will be no going back to the era before September 11th, 2001, to false comfort in a dangerous world.”

~ George W. Bush

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Andy, Portland, OR

...No going back to when the constitution was the supreme law of the land; no going back to when our freedoms and civil liberties were protected against tyrants like him. In short: No going back to America... Thank you, King George, for pointing this out. All this time I'd thought that our Founders had fought for something worth preserving... Thank you, your Majesty, for opening my eyes. How could I have ever doubted your endless wisdom. - Let despotism ring!

Matt, San Antonio

Hey Andy, your insults are immature and ignorant. You stopped short of "no blood for oil" and "war monger", but you still showed your uninformed bias. Congrats!


We all need to get back to reading the Bible and believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him. America needs God Again. I am proud of our president!! He's not perfect. No one is except the Lord! I'm not going to throw the stones at him. Instead of complaining...if you don't like something that's going on, then take it to the one who can do something about it...PRAY..Talk to the Lord..and LISTEN for the answer.

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EJ, NOLA    11/22/06

Matt form SA, I agree he did stop short he should have added "no blood for oil" an "war monger" and you should get your head out of your azz along with this other "we need GOD again" idiot!

John, Columbus, OH

Bush is the LAST person I want to hear from in regards to liberty!!! You should have used that other quote of is,"There ought to be limits to freedom." He's certainly made that one true.

Mike, Norwalk

I gave it 5 stars for accuracy. Though 'We The People' do not know exactly who was behind 911, there is way to much forenzick science and hard circumstantial evidence to conclude anybody but our government was behind it. The Bill of Rights referenced God of Nature, as was the basis for the Constitution and the liberty it secured, would be fantastic to have back (I'm affraid though, its not going to happen) "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet." Be assured, King George (along with the war mongering Dems and Neocons) has less comfort and more danger planned for us all.

Mike, Norwalk

I know, forensic is misspelled, after reading it, the effect I was trying to create didn't work. The statement is still true all the same.

Robert, Sarasota

Unfortunately he has made the world a far more dangerous place - it will be decades before we have the trust of nations back again. This President with go down in infamy - he should be Impeached. We will only bring the number of troops in Iraq up to what it was in May of last year and we were loosing then. Before we invaded Iraq they had no terrorists. We made the bed we now sleep in. We should support our troops and bring them home. We should totally rethink the way we deal with terrorist, and one way is called INTELLIGENCE

wam, NYC
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wam, NYC    1/12/07

More dangerous, yes; cause: Bush!

Joe, Rochester, MI

How about the false danger our government has created? God bless AmeriKa?

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Andy's got it right... I took the question to my Lord and was told to speak out on the insanity of King George W., not just sit on the sidelines quietly. The US has been attacked by foreign powers many times in our history (how quickly we forget, e.g. Pearl Harbor). Did it affect us? Yes! Did it affect us in the way King George W. claims? NO! The act steming out of that day that may prove to be truely changing (in a negitive way) for the US are those that come from King George's overreaching power grabs.

E Archer, NYC

It just goes to show that the intent is to keep us in a constant state of fear and to perfect the police state f'or our own security' -- and never return to Constitutional government.

Jack, Green, OH

The world will get over Sept. 11, 2001 a lot quicker than it will our invasion of Iraq Mar. 20, 2003. Since then, Bush has killed more Americans than bin Laden has, maimed tens of thousnads more, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (which is what Saddam was hanged for doing), while totally destroying our country's world standing for years to come. There really is no comparison in the crimes.

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    Anonymous    1/12/07

    Every time a President gets more power like Regan did the next President will use it to get more power and we all know where that leads...

    Mike, Mount Holly, NC

    The world has always been a dangerous place. Life is dangerous and ALWAYS leads to death. Stealing our liberties will not make it a safer place. In the end, the loss of liberties makes the world MORE dangerous just from different people.

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    P.M.    1/12/07

    Well looks like he'll be a little surprised one of these days.

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    AEGIS    1/13/07

    You simply amazes me as to how very many people live in a dream world. Folks, the world did change on 9/11.... We were attacked. We are at war. The enemy is among us. They are willing to murder...and (oh yes) they hate liberals and perverts. Face up to it. At the very least, don't get in the way of those of us who are trying to save your behinds.

    Midnightflyer, HEARTLAND, USA

    Read my lips.....Father and son....He is the Devil. He could not tell the truth from lies if it hit him on his pointed head. Don't tell me he believes in GOD when he breaks his oath before he can fall out of bed. Don't tell me about liberals and perverts, I think the last Congress put that to rest for good. Bill of Rights? The President and VP along with the rest of the GOP have used it to wipe their...well we all know what they did with it. IMPEACH him now before he starts WWIII.

    the devils advocate, Bagdad

    The quote is unfortunately very true and sadly it will be very hard to overcome the many mistakes made in the last few years in particular. Hence there is likely no going back. Far too many people in this country and the world are profiting from the current situation and will continue doing so. These funds go further than our cry for freedom and democracy. This is not a democracy nor was it ever one. How is it possible that not the most capable but rather the richest person becomes president? Of course it is not him but rather the administration behind. How convenient to have a puppet from whom I don't expects anything any longer nor am I surprised by new intelligent comments. He will take the blame and we will forget as always. The bigger question is our 'state of fear' and how easily we are manipulated because of we ever learn from history?

    Rip V Winkle, USA

    I hope each of you will listen for a moment. THIS is the problem with terrorism---the enemy is among us. This is what makes it such a threat to free nations. We must work out how we can prevent the death and destruction that now lives with us, and stay free. GWB is the first president to deal with this situation. He has made mistakes...agreed. But, he is not the devil, rather a man just like you. Lets get together and figure out how we can do this...our survival depends on how WE can come up with a good solution. I look forward to hearing them.

    sarah, USA

    What Bush did was not cause for at all. I don't blame him I blame the people who picked him. We had like it better when Clinton was president. So Bush go to hell. That comming from my heart. Causing the war to be even more dangerous. Bush is the LAST person I want to hear from in regards to liberty.

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      Anonymous    3/11/09

      Rip V Winkle, I think one thing we could do would be to STOP looking for enemies everywhere. The only things these witch hunts do is create more oppression, fear, and injustice, which ultimately result in terrorist acts and thus, more witch hunts.

      J Carlton, Calgary

      Bush is just another player in the Globalist takedown of America. Time to to clean house as the system is beyond repair.

      jim k, Austin, Tx

      To GOD BLESS AMERICA,etc. You are proud of our president, for doing what? For tanking the economy, causing thousands more American's to lose their jobs, for spending more billions on those so-called stimulus bills, for forcing socialized health care on America when the majority wanted no part of it, and so on. I'll pray alright, pray that this Muslim president is voted out of office in 2012 and replaced by an American.

      Byron, Fort Collins

      There is no security in surrendering one's liberty to false, self-serving, greedy globalist "guardians". To paraphrase King Henry in _The Lion in Winter_, "I don't doubt / (our leadership) loves (us and our taxes). / Like a glutton / loves his lunch." We have never been truly safe, and will be even less so under bigger globalist government.

      GunnyCee, Durham

      To Andy in Portland. If you think GW was bad, then why is Obama copying every move he ever made, but in spades (Pun intended). You have GOT to be kidding! Liberals are so enormously ignorant of the facts that it hardly seems worth the effort to quote them and just be ignored. All I can tell you folks . . . protect yourselves. The worse is yet to come. Everyone thinks that liberals are a bunch of weak-spined, lilly-livered wimps. That's true until they feel they are in the majority. Then they will kill you and your entire family to gain their objectives. Remember their motto: "By any means possible." Do not forget what happened in Germany. Do not forget the experiments where "normal" people gave what they thought were lethal doses of electricity to other people in a college-run experiment. It can and will happen if we aren't vigilant.

      GunnyCee, Durham

      Andy. Where is GW now? If you ever see him, it's because he is sought out by the media. He has no dilusions of being King, however, Carter and Clinton seek the limelight whenever and wherever they can. They always thought of themselves as "soveriegn" kings. They will NEVER step out of the limelight. What makes anyone think that when King Obama is dethroned in '12 that he will go away?

      GunnyCee, Durham

      Anyone who thought Dubbya was bad had better think ten times before voting for Perry . . . he's Dubbya on steroids!

      GunnyCee, Durham

      To Bob can't use intelligence in an argument against ignorance. It's like beating your head against a brick wall. It would be insane to think that you can deal with animals with intelligence. You deal with animals exactly as any animal. . . with intelligent force and authority! You so-called intelligencia are not part of the solution of world problems, you ARE the problem!


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