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“We're too great a nation to allow the evildoers to affect our soul.”

~ George W. Bush

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Christopher Cobb

Truth Mr.President. Thank You.

Nora, Jordan

YOU are the evildoers.


Nora from Jordan, A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another's. I'll pray your hatred toward others will go away. It can only if you ask Jesus into your heart. With Him in your heart... love will fill it instead of hatred/evil. I hope you will ask Jesus into your heart.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Even those who perp evil upon our world can now and again speak truth, as King George has done here... and we are here to rate the quotes not their source. On a related note, sadly, it seems too many in this age have forgotten that USA is not founded upon Christianity, but rather upon (among other things) a separation of church and state... a freedom both of and from religion. Jesus was indeed a great man, but there have been many such men in history... and in too many cases their followers have perverted their message... as has occured with many who claim the mantle of Christian.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The "evildoers" are running our country. They ignore the Constitution, start wars to steal oil, and poke their noses into other peoples business. It's no wonder people around the world consider the US the great satan, and attack us. If we are to be truly safe, pull our troops out of every country around the world, and let them handle their own business. We are NOT the world's police!

E Archer, NYC

Bush's hypocrisy knows no bounds. Define the 'evil' that the 'evil doers' are doing -- then see how much of it Washington. D.C. has caused... Yes, I am sure Christ would say, "bomb 'em, bomb 'em."

John, Columbus, OH

To even put a quote by the "shrub" in the context of Liberty is a travesty!!! It would be more appropriate, if one MUST quote him, to have his statement about the need for LIMITS on liberty.

Bob Mulroy, Eugene OR

Radical Islam is the evil. Just keep your head in the Chomsky sand.

Dick, Fort Worth

Don't know about the nation but the evildoing corporations will never affect King George's soul, that' s for sure. Reston is right about words not being responsible for their source. It is also important that even the illiterate at least know who Chomsky is. Another thought we should consider is becoming or trying to become the world's police since we are the world's real power-- a police force for equality and justice instead of rampant greed.

Dick, Fort Worth

Another thought: One of the best ways to read the Bible is Bishop Spong's "Sins of the Scripture." Never learned so much as in this book.

me again
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me again    9/8/06

All I can say about this quote is "That's True".

Mike, Norwalk

I gave the quote 5 stars because I hope it's true although a nagging critique of current events tells me it's a lie. As to the author, by his actions he appears to be one of the evildoers mal-affecting America's soul. And, thanks to, 'from Reston' good comment. America was founded on the principles and law recognized by Judeo Christian historical doctrine, not the religion or abstration thereof. That is what allows dissension of beliefs such as expressed in this blog.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

Do anyone of us think that GW Bush actually said those words? He can't put two sentences together without reading them let alone THINK about them...he is good at calling names, however.

John, Milwaukee

The silly, pathetic christian right-wingers won't get what's coming to them until they discover, when you're dead, that there is no heaven, and that the worms are all that's left. If everyone on Earth understood the absurdity of the heaven myth , 9/11 never would have happened.

A. Woods, Gloucester

Bush is such a hypocrite. I consider the Constitution to be the soul of my country, not the theocrats, not the corporations and lobbyists, and certainly not the executive branch. Bush, Cheney, and their cronies are the evildoers, and they have profoundly affected the Constitution, doing damage to our rights that will take generations to repair. The presidency of George W. Bush is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. "We're too great a nation to allow the evildoers to affect our soul."

Marc, Olympia, WA

Bush is the biggest user of propaganda of our time... what a freakin LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anonymous    3/13/09

    Hmm, "evildoers"... sounds like propaganda to me.


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