Infamous George W. Bush Quote

“Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

~ George W. Bush

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Anonymous, reston, VA US

A perfect example of how this foolish simpleton sees the wide world of color as if everything is simple black and white... enough of this retro-cowboy, lets impeach him and put a sane person in charge... oops, that wouldn't be the V.P. either... sigh.

Gölök Z.L.F [M(-)V D] Buday, Vancouver, GVRD(Paine County), BC(SU), US of Eh! (US of A).

Oh what a freedom quote, especially since being with Bush Jr. is just being with a Terrorist with Government Powers and a Statist agenda; I guess he offers a Catch 22.

I agree "impeach bush" -- Many. It takes two to make him a treason suspect on the record. I have seen more than two arguments.

Gölök Z.L.F [M(-)V D] Buday

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Uh, ... can you spell 'dumb'? How about 'simple'.

paul, hollywood

Bush is trying to consume the souls of our children while he destroy's reason and compassion among the adult population.

john-douglas, nassau

Back on his remote ranch in Texas, I bet he dresses up as the Lone Ranger and blow away the frogs! But, before you call him a 'crazy' - what about the millions of Americans who voted for him?

Jodopo, Michigan

Looks like a coo-coo has taken over the madhouse.

Jesus, Heaven

What the Hell was my dad thinking when he made him?

Unknown, Wapakoneta

This is an untrue saying and i disagree completely with it!

Evam, L.A.

He didn't really say this, did he? We really need to give our presidential candidates exams to test their wisdom. This quote shows he has none.

Jim, Oregon

After knowing how he handled his first four years and voting for him anyway,who are the real idiots?

na, na
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na, na    3/4/06

that's not a fucking war quote. Bush doesn't know what the fuck he's doing!

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Anonymous    3/8/06

It wrenches my heart to think of the thousands of men who have died to make this country free, only to have our freedoms abused by such slander and biased, unfounded opinions!

Matt, San Antonio

Yeah, he is stupid. Real stupid. Hoorah for us! We made fun of that stupid cowboy. Let's draw some big ears on him and say he hates black people! Oh what fun! We are so much smarter than him!

Nora, Jordan

Die, Bush. Make the world a place place, just drop dead.

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Anonymous    4/17/06

A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another's.

Tom, Rock Hill

A perfect example of Herman Goering's quote.

John, Milwaukee

Says exactly the same thing as one of Hitler's propoganda quotes.

Legion, Everywhere USA

If those are our only two choices and the majority of Americans want rid of this evil thieving, murdering, usurping shit for brains prick then maybe that explains the ILLEGAL WIRETAPS and the SHREDDING of the CONSTITUTION.

Smith, Valdosta

Defend the country from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Judy, Newcastle

Would you have us ignore 9/11 and "Turn the other Cheek"? Perhaps a better choice of words would have been prudent, but isn't the end result the same? We need to protect and defend this Country from the terrorists. "United we stand, DIVIDED we FALL". Who said that?!!!??!!

bushsucks, DC

I didn't realize this site had comedy quotes as well as serious. The clown's dummy has a bunch of really sad stupid mumblings up here. Impeach Cheney the evil clown and his bag of crap dummy bush.

Nicole, Arlington, WA.

OH MY GOD! How 3rd grade can one man be? Hey Bush! Take your ball and go home.

steve, scottsburg indiana

The little bush bitch claims to be a Christian so here is one quote from the Bible he must have missed (who could list them all?)There are six things which The Lord hates,haughty eyes,a lying tongue,andhands that shed innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked plans,feet that make haste to run to evil,false witness who breathes out lies,and a man who sows discord among brothers proverbs 6 16-19

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Anonymous    4/10/08

I guess i'm a terrorist (even though i'm inlove with my country). who knew? not even me.

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    Dan    6/17/08

    In this case "us" and "terrorists" are synonomous so it matters not whose side you take.

    Me Again
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      Me Again    6/17/08

      Everyone here has echoed my sentiments. I Love You People who are reading this quote and responding to the truth!!! All great comments here on this quote! It almost feels as if we are family here.Those of like minds...that makes me smile iside :)

      Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

      When Bush said this he was establishing an important legal and policy precedent. He was speaking basically to the Taliban government of Afghanistan who had allowed the monster Al Qaeda to grow and fester and train its troops within its borders and in fact had become one and the same thing. In order to invade soverign Afghanistan and go after Al Qaeda Bush had to make this connection. I still believe in the fundamentals of American democracy and freedom, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Cahtolics in harmony under "one roof", Al Qaeda does not. So Bush's dichotomy is valid on a much broader level do you believe in freedom or not.

      warren, olathe

      A lot of idiots hate Bush. Bet he knows that bible and heeds it better than you Steve.

      J Carlton, Calgary

      "Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." -- Hermann Goerring

      JC, Up North

      "All war, but most particularly war funded by monetary inflation, bleeds a country in multiple ways. Obviously, many of the young people who are in the military literally give their blood, and sometimes their lives, fighting in wars of this type. Meanwhile, those who do not fight the war, but fund it, are forced to pay both the immediate costs, as well as seeing their long term purchasing power erode, as the twin pillars of debt and inflation are foisted upon the backs of current taxpayers and future generations. Neither conspiracy nor coincidence explains steep increases in the price of gas as the war drags on. No, this is simply a reality of the inflationary policies that, among other things, make this war possible." Ron Paul

      Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

      We are never more dangerous than when we stop thinking of people as individuals and start putting them in groups.

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      RobertSRQ    6/17/08

      Wow! His last great word for the day is "Testy" in a speech he made while visiting one of his puppets in London. Bush and his cohorts must stand trail for treason, they have betrayed the American people for their own greed and caused thousands to die in the process. He has created more terrorists than any terrorist organization -- it will take years to repair the damage he has perpetrated on the American People and the rest of the world. What is unbelievable is that he was elected in the first place, and secondly, that he has been in power for nearly eight years. To become President of the most powerful nation in the world and you don't even have to submit a resume (you know what I mean). There is no intelligence test (just a low IQ would do -- not to low), no means test, no job interview -- they say a leader reflects its people, well if that's the case we are in big trouble -- Yes, Ignorance is Strength. Robin Hood where are you? All is forgiven. America needs to be rid of three things: Bushtality, the Fed, and Religious Fundamentalists.

      Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

      Each President no matter how bad has his/her finest hour. I think this was Bush's. Clinton's was when he said, "It depends on what the meaning of the word is is."

      Greg, Chichester

      Nice observation Waffler-I'm chuckling. I didn't know this many people paid attention to this site. Maybe some of these folks with thumbs down can shed some light on how to deal nicely with people that will literally cut off your head with a steak knife for being American. Unless that is, they think we deserve it.

      Dave Wilbur, St. Louis

      Its not what I think but what I and many others know, When the first tower was hit, Bush was in front of a TV WAITING FOR THE FIREWORKS --unless you believe that he lied in the Whitehouse Newsfletter where he said that he was sitting outside of the classroom waiting to go in and there was a TV where he saw the first hit and his thought "what a terrible pilot". He then entered the classroom and in a short time, his aide entered and said, "Mr. President, they hit the other tower." He had foreknowledge and a closed circuit TV! Aside from that, Bush is a Freemason and all Freemasons swear oaths under penalty of death to support the second most powerful force on earth. So, you will ask you Freemason daddy or uncle if this is true? They also swear to conceal and never reveal. Albert Pike was the highest Mason in American history. On pages 104 and 819 of Morals and Dogma (1871) Pike said that the higher Masons mislead all below them. Other Masons included or include, Stalin, Mao Tze Tung, Castro, Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Wherever you see a five pointed star, you see a symbol of Freemasonry. In The New Age, Sep. 1950, The Scottish rite of Freemasonry said that their god (Lucifer) is "dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds" and that their god "has chosen the great American public school system to bring on their New World Order. We ARE targets of biological, chemical, economic, psychological and spiritual warfare. Biological? Chemical? Economic? The Federal Reserve admits their operation of a confidence game and that the history of banking is a history of fraud, page 3, Modern Money Mechanics. They prefer healthy money to healthy people and published: Keeping Our Money Healthy where they said their unlimited "money" would keep its value "if there were fewer people bidding against each other." You think water is fluoridated to protect your teeth??? For 11 years, the professionals at the EPA have been telling the world that fluoride is killing people. Search: nteu fluoride for their site and related sites. The most repeated lie? "Government spends money." IRS asks no one for "money". They only request PAPER! They cannot get money from you when all that you have in banks is numbers and they need no money when all of us will risk our lives for more numbers.

      Evangelist Patrick J. Burwell, Newton, NJ

      Clear and unadulterated logic. Sounded alot like the "You are either with me or against me" thatY'Shua, The Messiah, said. Frankly, President bush has done a wonderful job in difficult circumstances. As with any President you cannot like everything he does but when you don't know all the details you might just realize he knows what he is doing. I, for one, have appreciated the overall results. I agree with his statement, therefore. You are either with remaining free or you are for an Islamic Shariah Totalitarian State. Such muslim oppression requires women to be slaves with no value at all, the ruling class to be absolute in their judgments and the majority (think 95%) of the population ion near abject poverty. Not too hard a choice is it? Patrick J. Burwell/

      E Archer, NYC

      Let us remember that Bush is neither God nor the messiah -- he is a puppet. Let us never forget that the World Trade Center was bombed by Saudis led by Bin Laden, a Bush family friend and documented CIA operative. Statements like this are spoken to intimidate those who might question the government's story. 'Us' in this case is who? The Bush's, the GOP, the nation? Not me.

      Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

      Bush always looks a little bit disconnected from reality, even this morning while taliking about the midwest floods. I think he has some kind of emotional disorder. I agree Dave that it was strange that he was so cool in reading to the schoold kids while NY was going through their hell. He did have some kind of prior knowledge that we would be attacked by terrorists. But hell how could even the Pres. believe something like

      Jack, Green, OH

      I am not, nor have I ever been, a terrorist, but I sure am not with GWB, either. They are not mutually exclusive.

      Ken, Allyn, WA

      Bush Derangement Syndrome - a mental disorder affecting primarily, but not exclusively, people who are of a leftist or totalitarian Islamist bent. These people exhibit extreme paranoia and tend to blame all the world's ills on a single man, who, according to them does not have the intelligence to tie his own shoes. Consequently, it makes one wonder if in fact this man is so unintelligent, how has he out maneuvered all of these brilliant people for so many years.

      rola, middle east

      well my religion, my region and my thoughts are all classified in the terror zone..terrorism is but a reaction to the stupidity of rulers like this guy. when an Iraqi girl is raped once at the age of 14 by an Iraqi soldier then again at the age of 21 by an American i beleive she has every right to go nuts it terror, extreme whatever. i wonder how Americans having a way of thinking are turning like Arabs flowing with the current, one has brain to use it for his/her good not otherwise. because of discrimination ,even inner one, ppl forget that we are all categorized as human beings n ths makes us all worthy of the minimum at least and from an unbiased viewpoint

      Mike, Norwalk

      The "us" here, is a terrorist cell all unto its own - so to complete the choice, you're either with one terrorist group or the other. Terrorism can be seen when habeas corpus is suspended, torture is conducted for information, out right lies are told to place American lives in harms way, etc. I choose not to be with any terrorists.

      Logan, Memphis, TN

      Who is "us"? The US government? The US people? The Bush Admin? Neoconservatives in general? What does "with" mean? Physically, emotionally, ideologically, militarily, politically? Does it mean "next to" or merely in "support of"? And how in the HELL does he define what a "terrorist" is? A dear professor of mine once said "defining terrorism and torture are a lot like trying to define pornography... you can't ever really define it, but you know it when you see it". Problem is, when government gets involved, the more ambiguous the terms the more liberty is lost. Terms and conditions are vital to a free society, nothing can be left up to "well, yeah, you 'know what I mean'". Who has caused more fear and uncertainty around the world? Bin laden or Bush? There are some pretty convincing peer-reviewed papers I've read that would seriously make you re-consider what you think you knew-- not all is right in Washington D.C... There's a reason many international organizations are putting together a case to try Bush as a war criminal at the Hague. As a God-fearing Conservative I'd say, Good Riddance! Damn nation building!

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        RobertSRQ    6/18/08

        All this from a really dumb statement... Please Editor no more dumb statements

        Howie, Biteme

        Only the right wing losers at Liberty Quotes would think this quote is worth sending out.

        Editor, Liberty Quotes

        Howie, we at Liberty Quotes believe it takes 2 wings to fly. :-) We send out quotes from Hitler and Stalin, too, that doesn't mean we agree with them (e.g. did you happen to catch the title of this page: INFAMOUS George W. Bush quote?). RobertSRQ, I am sorry, but we cannot promise GWB will not make any more dumb statements -- this particular dumb statement received a standing ovation in Congress on both sides of the aisle, so obviously Bush is not alone in expressing these sentiments. Then again, what would have been the consequences of not cheering for it ...? Bush's statement implies that most of the commentors here can now be classified as suspected terrorists. :-) Therefore, in our view, this quote is worthy of inclusion in a collection of Liberty Quotes. I think the number of thumbs down should be a good indicator of how most feel about it.

        Karl Marx, Franklin , Pa.

        A great and moving quote from someone who dodged the war in Vietnam! Not only that but he stole the quote and modified it! So I must be with the terrorists? because I am against his Fascist government? How about this quote" either your in a recession or your not! " Either your a great president or your not"! Either you screwed up the economy or you did not" ! F@@k ing idiot! In conclusion , one man's terrorists is another man's freedom fighter! Thomas Paine would have been labelled a terrorist, as well as the rest of the founding fathers!

        Katie, Bridgeport

        Brilliant? These are words spoken by a man who has done nothing but create more terrorists. Gramatically, however, It may be one of his better sentences. Furthermore, there were no malapropisms. Is that why you included it? I like his faux pas much better. At least they are amusing.

        Beef, St. Louis

        The unvarnished truth

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        Anonymous    3/1/09

        It is possible to not be with the warhawks or with the terrorists. This kind of statement, besides being ridiculous, is dangerous to the preservation of individual liberty and of democracy.

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          Anonymous    5/18/09

          This is illogical and immoral on so many levels (though it's coming from W, so did anyone really expect otherwise?).

          Anonymous, Visalia

          This is probably the stupidist thing Bush has ever said.....NOthing in this world is ever black and white....i cant believe at his old age he has not figured that out

          Dave, St. Louis

          There would be no wars if wars required taxes. We cannot pay taxes with dollar bills that the IRS (Imaginary Revenue Scum) said "are not dollars". The head of the New York Fed gave a speech saying :"Taxation for revenue is obsolete."

          Anonymous, anywhere

          bush will have his day vengeace is mine sayith THE LORD

          BUSHSUX, Nowhere, America

          Clearly the worst President in over a century. Bush has no respect for the Constitution or individual liberties. He used the war on terror to try to justify undermining the Constitution and subject innocent Americans to needless wiretaps, searches, and other forms of harrassment by law enforcement and the government itself. Then to label anyone who disagrees with him as siding with the terrorists is even more outrageous. What an arrogant control freak. Bush was the biggest domestic threat to the Constitution and freedom in decades. Maybe the FBI, NSA, CIA, and DHS should investigate him.

          Elaine, Atlanta

          President George W. Bush is the one that took this situation to Afghanistan & then to Iraq & kept us from fighting being attacked. Say what you want but he deserves everyone respect & so does Dick Cheney. The clearly worse President over our country has been Obama in every way possible.

          J. B. WULFF, Bristol, CT

          I'm guessing these comments are cumulative over a long time as suggestions to impeach are somewhat dated. I support the man. He made a clear statement to the world. That is the mark of a leader. Our system allows you to disagree, and you have. Here's the fun question. Does it make you a terrorist? Ponder that. Is that a knock on your door? NO! This is America! Just where do you stand?

          midnight, Realtown

          Your really starting to turn into a horseshit site. Bush sucked and your all assholes. Bush is about cash and fucking over people. Looks like you share a lot with him.

          Red Wolf, Moscow, Russia

          I wonder how people lost their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, because of what he said? It's pathetic that even after the Bush Administration being exposed for it's war crimes, that people are too spineless and stupid to speak up for the constitution and not the criminal empire that is America.

          Kimo, USA
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            Kimo, USA    9/13/11

            DAM!! Did waffer really say that??

            Kimo, USA
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            Kimo, USA    9/13/11

            Take heed, the way war is waged, has changed, the next one may be sudden and take out half this planet, and we wont even know who pressed the first button. All, we have seen, since WW II, will pale, in comparison, to what may happen, if the wrong people get in power.[or already are]

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            Robken    9/13/11

            How stupid, they are one of the same..... But, that's Bush for you.......

            James, San Jose

            You don't believe he said it? The video is on YouTube!

            jim k, Austin

            After 9-11 Bush made one of the stupidest comments ever, namely, that Islam is a religion of peace. Enough said.

            Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

            And we're in better shape under the present lying Dictator
            ( " You can keep your policy," "I can use my pen and my phone" ) ? REALLY ??

            Ronw13, Yachats OR

            Much can be said about the Bush families religious counsel, which behind closed doors, comes to light when a POTUS opens their mouth !

            Robert, Somewhere in Europe

            Probably the stupidest American President easy for the psychopaths and the war hawks to manipulate...


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