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“We must take the battle to the enemy, disrupt his plans, and confront the worst threats before they emerge.”

~ George W. Bush

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Nora, Jordan

In short, let's bomb Iraq.

Cava, Nellore

Attack is the best defence.

Michael, Houston, TX

You guys with the thumbs down...imagine for a moment that YOU are the president of the US and have the responsibility to defend this nation...what is your plan to do that? Just thought I would ask.

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Liam    6/30/07

These wars do much more than that. They have brought democracy to the Iraqis and saved the Kurds from genocide. And they have no-doubt prevented large scale attacks on the west. Bush has done more for the world than the two presidents before him.

warren, olathe

I'm not sure why this is a quote on fascism. I grant that our enemies at the moment are in fact fascists but the Bush quotes do not seem to speak to that fact at all.

Justin, STL

Never give into the liberals in this country who want to see the United States brought to its knees.

s. Deval
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s. Deval    4/10/08

Dick Cheney?

Rick L., Lynnfield, MA

George W. Bush has created enemies with his unfounded attack Iraq. They have made plans against the U.S. because of his foolish policies. One of our worst threats is Mr. Bush himself.

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Jim    2/16/09

Mission Accomplished. Hope that one doesn't undo all the work that was done.

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Anonymous    3/11/09

Great. Let's hear it for costly, preemptive wars.

Anonymous, Visalia

yes me must go after corporate america...we must confront the Fascist government of the U.S before it emerges!!!

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Jordan    11/22/09

And who has the right to determine a threat that is not yet apparent? The people or one man who could be pulling at puppet strings to manipulate the people? A mass movement that demands that one's will be ceded to a cause and an individual at its head, defined by terror and the concept that there is a physical enemy that must be physically eliminated, is the backbone of the fascist state. This is in no means an evaluation of Bush, but rather the quote as it generally applies.


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