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“We need an energy bill that encourages consumption.”

~ George W. Bush

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Cathy, Brandon

Bring back Gerald Ford, he may not have been able to walk, but at least he could talk without falling on his face!

Matt, San Antonio

Typical! How does this quote qualify as greedy? (Not to mention that it is taken entirely out of context). A better economy benefits all Americans. Maybe you should re-categorize this quote as "spin" or "liberal bias". Be ashamed of yourselves for contributing to the poisoning of public opinion.

Nora, Jordan

"..Yeah. So let's bomb Iraq, then Iran, then Syria, and you know, the whole middle east. We'll do it under the name of justice, freedom and democracy, and after we bomb their heads off, we can say that they were terrorists. Hey guys, I'm starting to have fun!"

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Anonymous    6/10/07

we don't always need some one or some thing to help us in life

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Anonymous    8/16/07

Greed and avarice.

Davis Rick, Archer City

Well he got it and so did we!

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Anonymous    3/11/09

Yeah, let's consume our limited resources at a ridiculous and irresponsible rate in ways that do as much damage to the environment as possible, and leave our children and grandchildren to pay the price for our selfishness and greed. Great plan, George.

Uhhh. . . I can't quite remember. . ., Uhhh. . . I can't quite remember. . .

Matt, I am offended at your comments! I am a democrat and the only way I can be right about anything political is if I take things out of context! What would us democrats be if we didn't sit around all day making people look bad instead of caring about anyone but ourselves? Sure Bush kept us safe and kept us from falling off the cliff, but hey, who doesn't love to dive off a cliff and who doesn't like Obama's Spend! Spend! Spend! Change Our Country! (I'm also excited because I think that by "change" Obama wants us to become part of another country like China! yay!) Who cares that Obama will soon make money worthless? Spending is fun while it lasts! See Matt! You should learn from democratrs like me and Obama!

Oiler, Houston

5 stars for Bush & shaming Obama for trying to stop the depression Bush left us reeks more Glen Beck than Democrats. The government can only encourage thru tax or incentives, both costing the citizen. Oil & ethanol is the most subsidized energy in America. But shifting tax breaks & subsidies for oil & ethanol to alternative energy sources will encourage moving to towards them at no additional cost. Energy independence at no extra cost are honest conservative goals.


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