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“If government could create jobs and raise children, socialism would have worked.”

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Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident, he who forgets history is doomed to relive it.

Glenn, Long Island, NY

Reminds me of a quote from Thomas Sowell, “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it”

Justin, Elkland

Socialism has a sparkling record of success. Where instituted it has successfully destroyed liberty while enslaving and killing millions. Socialism does exactly what it was designed to do.

Marc Rosenbaum, indio ca

If people were aware of the negative effects of state directed social reform, they would demand limited government.

jim k, Austin

I would like to hear the thumbs down on this great quote explained by Anonymous.

cal, lewisville, tx

The left wing socialists actually believe Hillary's book, IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

Carol, Georgia

It still would not work. It destroys the very humanness of people given by God.

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RBESRQ    5/3/10

Silly and childish quote

jim k, Austin

RBESRQ, wrong again, and don't you libs have any sense of humor.

E Archer, NYC

I am still trying to figure out the remaining millions of citizens who will not be covered by Obamacare -- why doesn't it cover everyone? Socialism simply tries to keep the majority from burning down Washington DC. Then once all the regulations are in, millions more police and government workers hired (the only jobs Obama has created is more government jobs), then heavy-handed enforcement, we find ourselves broke, in perpetual debt, no property that we do not have to keep paying tax (rent) on forever, and no recourse to go back to when we had to take care of ourselves -- and did it better! Socialism is a con and gains traction among those who agree that taking from someone else without consent is OK if enough people will back you up. Legalized plunder unchecked leads to predatory government whether from the 'left' or 'right'.

John Mann, Kalamazoo

Socialism works fine in western Europe and for millions of US seniors existing on Social Security. Europe has largely eliminated the worst ravages of poverty and find it necessary to imprison about about one person for every ten America has in a cage. Government can't create jobs? What about the millions of reservist and active duty military personnel our taxes employ busily killing people of alternative color and faith around the world -- to say nothing of the private mercenary armies like Blackwater/Xe we have in the field? And what about people employed by the likes of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. That's just the defense sector, folks. RBESRQ nailed it.

warren, olathe

Only a moron could try to defend socialism.

Mike, Norwalk

John, for a reality check; not just Europe (north, east, west, or south) but, most of the world is dumping as much socialism as it can. Socialism is bankrupting (socially, economically, morally, etc.) all lands that it has infested. Even China recognized the merits of capitalism combined with an economic base of manufacturing wealth and value. The U.S. ponzi scheme flaunted as social security has not only robbed your subject senior citizens but is assisting in the bankrupting of the entire nation. Your mis-direction, false assertions, and enigmatic shallowness masks the truth for the patrons of the statist theocracy.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Socialism works great in Greece.

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    Anon    5/4/10

    Sure, until the children discovered what democracy is and took out Mommy at the polls.

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      RBESRQ    5/4/10

      John, well done! At last a sane contributor to this redneck, fascist, egotistical, libertarian, right-wing, and selfish contributors to this blog. I nearly spill my coffee laughing at the ignorance that abounds - you lot just don't learn. Before making ridiculous comments like fascism is socialism please, please do you home work. And Mike you are so wrong I really don't know where to start - let me just say if it wasn't for socialism you would be here today making these ridiculous statements. If it wasn't for socialism you would all be fighting it out in the desert. Unfortunately, the rich realized how they could used the principles of socialism to fleece the poor - the rich are the biggest benefactor of socialism as reflected in the bail-outs, tax-breaks, and America's terrible record of human rights - overturning democratically elected governments and placing their puppets in power.

      E Archer, NYC

      RBE, I believe it is you that should do your homework. Nazism was a form of fascism. The word 'Nazi' means 'nationalist socialist' in German. Hitler rose to power on a socialist platform and was elected as a national socialist. Then, once in power, the policies of the Nazi government became more and more totalitarian. Since socialism is a form of human control and regulation, whatever 'laws' prop it up can eventually be used to enforce anything upon the people. The policies of socialism/fascism include the disarmament of the populace (for their own security of course), the take-over of the press (as both Obama and Clinton have tried to do through various 'requirements' for 'licenses' to be able to broadcast), the control of private industry even to the point of government ownership, the control of labor, and most important, the control of the issuance of public debt with no limit. If you are saying that the US is becoming fascist, I will agree with you -- and both political parties further it each year. Funny how in one breath you speak out against the 'right-wing' and then express the xenophobia famous for authoritative regimes. I believe almost everyone one this site has expressed their respect for your rights to atheism and homosexuality, but obviously it is not enough. You are showing some very ugly colors right now and put your own arguments at risk by name-calling those that merely want the same rights you do. I did not expect such hypocrisy from someone who proselytizes about compassion and the 'higher self.' Looks like you have got a bit of work to do yourself...

      warren, olathe

      Socialism in Europe is not working. It would have had a much quicker demise if it were not for our country footing the bill for the defense of Europe. If they had to finance their own military as the Soviets did they would have had the same result as the Soviets. Socialism only exists as long is there is someone that has something that can be taken away from them. When the haves cease to exist then so does socialism. Socialism is the most materialistic system in existence. Everything in socialism is motivated by greed and envy. Socialists feel a sense of justice when the rich are punished. Socialists see rich defined as any one that has more than them. Even if it were possible to succeed as a socialist country it is impossible for a socialist country to exist separate from tyranny. The lack of compassion and concern for the well being of the individual is the most damning thing about the socialist system.

      warren, olathe

      Cal Hillary only signed her name to that book. It was written in the 80's by some one else.

      E Archer, NYC

      warren, very well said. An inconvenient truth indeed.

      Mike, Norwalk

      warren, excellent ! ! !

      Lovingfitfather, corruptiontown

      Socialism seems to always breed "Social injustice." Ron Paul said it best "To an empire built on lies...The truth is treason.

      Robert, St. Emilion, France

      I don't know who RBESRQ is as this was my designation a few years ago. Reason: Robert Blinch-Edwards living at the time in Sarasota hence RBESRQ. Perhaps RBE would enlighten me... My email is As for this quote, we must ALWAYS remember the key to happiness is the "Middle Way"......

      E Archer, NYC
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      E Archer, NYC Robert, St. Emilion, France 1/15/20

      RBESRQ is you, Robert.  Have you changed your mind?

      L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

      And unbridaled capitalism has been proven to be a colossal failure. Suffice it to say, some things are too important to be left to the whims of an unchecked profit-driven system; like banking, health-care and public utilities.

      The quote is a flippant off-the-cuff remark fit for the likes of Fox News.

      Mike, Norwalk

      L. Hanson, where and when was capitalism ever proven to be a failure, colossal or otherwise. Since 1913, Amerika's occupying statist theocracy, with its funny money provider, socialist poverty line security, enslavement through owning the noble laborer's fruits (or any portion thereof that it decides it wants), lack of perfected allodium and denial of inalienable rights, capitalism has not been possible.

      Mike, Pleasant Hill

      Five stars to the quote for being absolutely true.

      As to the previous comments of RBESRQ, Mr. Mann and Mr. Edmonton I would be hard-pressed to add anything more substantive than the defenders of truth, reason, freedom and liberty under natural law have already made here and Gentlemen, you know who you are. But I'll give it a stab!

      The American founders created a republic not a pure democracy, the system we were given is not the system we have today likewise with capitalism, for now business has gotten into bed with Government or vice versa and it has corrupted the system. No system is perfect and inmune from corruption because man is fallible that is why our founders utilized natural law with a basic understanding of the human nature flaw under sin.

      Not so with the purveyors of socialism/communism for they have swallowed the lies hook line and sinker that the utopian dream of "fairness and equality" is reachable by fallen man through a centralized strong government.

      How anyone with a clear eye on history can defend the record of socialism/communism and Marxism that has brought misery and death to hundreds of millions of people is beyond my comprehension that I must conclude that these people have been worked over so hard that they might be deserving of my pity, until I contemplate that people such as these who in the 60s were bombing and killing are now holding the reins of power and are warring against liberty from the inside now for the socialist utopian dream it would seem is like a narcotic that if used eventually destroys the user.

      Ron w13, Or

      Well said Mike, Pleasant Hill, A hybrid Republic, termed in the federalist papers. An experiment in goodness. We hold these truths to be self evident. Socialism breeds contempt as witnessed here.

      Mike, Norwalk

      By way of explanation; all jobs are not equal. The jobs referenced here would be a synonym for wealth creation. Government, an abstract, in and of itself can create nothing. Tangible individuals create. Malefactors gathered together in a despotic body politic (as is now orchestrated by the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land, replete with patron slaves) create "jobs" of destruction (standing armies - local police to specified military, etc.) and that which can be measured on a scale of diminishing returns (communal farming for example - all examples of socialism display an antagonism to the noble nature of man and is contrary to nature's fiscal law). Wealth creation is in harmony with the laws of nature and of nature's God (socialism is not).

      As to raising children, socialism is an anti-law economic system of failure (both scholastically when intellectualized an religiously when applied). Taking out the human factor and training with lies is not just economically disastrous, it is inherently contrary to the nobility of man. Being well established; "truth will set you free" it then follows, to be raised by a lie guarantees failure.

      Ron w13, Or

      Truth will set you free, but belief in it will make you free. ( John 8:32 )

      jim k, Austin

      Socialism spreads misery equally except for those running the show. For proof, check out Venezuela.


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