Greg Sargent Quote

“... political reporters love to write about politics as if they are merely disinterested observers of political events and the public's perceptions of them, when in fact they play a very key role in shaping those events and perceptions.”

~ Greg Sargent

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J Carlton, Calgary

The press is operating with an agenda...they are not merely reporting.

Mike, Norwalk

ok, but the quote does not address that the medium of reporting as a whole, is nothing more than a closely controlled 4th branch of government, complete with a propagandizing agenda.

jim k, Austin, Tx

And if there is no news to report, they will make some up.

E Archer, NYC

The press is owned by its advertisers  watch the commercials to learn who is pulling the strings.  Drugs, credit and power.  It is no accident that the entire world has been turned into a hospital and all of us patients under the 'care' (control) and supervision of 'authorities.'  CNN is the perfect example of the true purpose of mainstream media: propaganda.


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