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“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

~ Harry J. Anslinger

testimony to US Congress supporting Marihuana Tax Act, 1937

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Eric, Wichita

What a crock of poop. Marijuana should be legalized, taxed and regulated heavily, just like alcohol and tobacco. For Pete's sake already!

Me Again, Your Town,USA.


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RobertSRQ    4/22/08

Are we insane or what? take this diatribe and flush it.

E Archer, NYC

Interesting to note that since there was no Constitutional amendment prohibiting marijuana (and no chance in hell Congress could ever pass one after the fiasco with alcohol prohibition), Congress 'criminalized' marijuana by merely taxing it. Does that mean that we are imprisoning 700,000 pot users a year because they haven't paid a tax on their marijuana? Chalk up another bomb for democracy -- if Congress had any lawful authority to dictate what people can and cannot ingest, then they would have stated that authorization when putting the bill up for vote. As it was, racist arguments were used to pass the bill -- and that was all it needed, a majority to vote the minorities as criminals. That was always its intent -- it was never a social program to protect people's health. It is no different today -- the arguments for prohibition are not founded in law but in prejudice.

All one has to do is take a look at the percentage of blacks and Hispanics in prison for non-violent drug 'crimes.' If every person who has smoked pot were put in jail, the country would come to a standstill. The rules are biased and unenforceable -- not to mention a stretch of the commerce clause of the Constitution. It is 'high time' we got the federal government to remain within the jurisdiction of Washington, D.C. and out of our bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms -- out of our personal lives. The War On Drugs is the impetus for every 'pre-emptive' action against law-abiding citizens -- we haven't committed any crimes, but in case we might, the Feds have decided to protect us from ourselves, when in fact they are merely perfecting fascism and the police state. Now bend over, it is for your own safety.

E. Lupus, Medford

... and all I wanted to do was eat chips and watch TV with the volume off while listening to old Pink Floyd tunes. I wonder what drug Harry was on.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Where's da white womens at?

jim k, austin, tx

And to think that people actually believe this sort of trash. I guess that if you can believe that a walking , talking snake caused a woman to eat some fruit, and started all the trouble in the world, then you can believe just about anything.

Martin, Thornhill

Just goes to show how corrupted this guy's perception of marijuana is.

mancenido, future

True, but accepted, publicized, and funded by the white race. A freedom spiritual drug that initiates a lighter side to prosperiety in some cases. Brought down by God and has naturally displayed a revolution of understanding and thinking. The times are uhchanging.

kj, Orlando
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kj, Orlando    8/1/08

Read up on LEAP. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. This is a five star quote because of the absolute lies it is built to prohibit Americans from choosing their own leisure. To hell with the pursuit of happiness, welcome the new era of the police state for the whole world!

John L. S., lexington Ky.

Harr J. Anslinger's legacey is nothing but one lie after another. And anyone that thinks otherwise is too narrow-minded to see past their own ignorance.

jay, Cape May

I wonder, if congress was presented with true facts about cannabis and how it came to be banned, would they vote to end prohibition. Could those who do not vote to end prohibition then be charged with crimes against Humanity by knowingly choosing to destroy the lives of so many Americans?

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Anonymous    12/10/08

That is total bullshit you cunt face! Legalize marijuana and life would be better for most people.

Anonymous, p town

what a racist fuck

Adam, Orlando, FL

5 stars because this quote is a perfect example of the the ignorant, racist propaganda that was used to make cannabis illegal. All of the arguments used to make and keep cannabis illegal are bogus, and it's high (pun intended) time someone smacked congress in the face with that fact.

Lang, Richmond

The ironic part about all of this was that because of lingering health problems, Harry had become addicted to pain killers prior to his death at the age of 83.

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Anonymous    2/25/09

It's amazing to see how racist and ignorant people used to be.

Cliff Schaffer, Los Angeles, Ca

This is certainly an interesting quote, but Anslinger did not say it. You can find the full transcripts of the hearings for the Marihuana Tax Act at http://druglibrary.org/schaffer/hemp/taxact/taxact.htm The quote does not appear in the transcripts. It also does not appear in any of Anslinger's other writings or speeches. The source of the quote is unknown, but every historian I have talked to agrees that it doesn't even sound like Anslinger. Not that Anslinger was a good guy -- he wasn't. He just didn't say this.


This guy has some serious balls. If only I could say what I thought to my boss at work...

me, canada
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    me, canada    4/17/09

    this guy is a fag

    SDR, St. Charles

    I hope this son of a bitch suffered a painful death. What a stupid bastard!!

    big kp in mesa, mesa

    Could you imagine what life would be like if Anslinger was never born? Being the nephew of the attorney for Dupont, who would have taken his place so that the Dupont company would not lose out on a multi billion dollar operation over the next 80 years.

    baba, nyc
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    baba, nyc    4/21/09

    your mother should have kill u when u where litlle

    Carrin, Temecula, CA

    This is bullshit to think that women are turning away from white men because ethnic minority men have weed. I'm pretty sure we are turning away from white men for plenty of other reasons, thanks.

    michelle, rio rancho

    This man did no real, test or investigation. He just made up stories and lies about Marijuana, I've smoked never did i want to jump out a window or hit my mom over the head with a frying pan. And what bs about only ethinic monority's smoking, the first one to go to jail for trying to get a tax stamp for marijuana was a white male

    Eric, lakeland

    I think America would have been a better place if this racist had never been born!

    Tyler, Iowa

    I think its funny that America makes weed illegal because of all that racist B.S. but yet by keeping it illegal all we are ultumatly doing is funding gangs and terrorism instead of helping fund our own goverment. people will never stop smoking because there is no REAL reason to.

    Thankgod, hedead

    Someone needs to plant some bomb ass weed on his grave. thats the least he deserves.

    Mista G, K villa

    Sure we all know that Anslinger was an ignorant ass, and that the prohibition of marijuana was insufficiently justified by disinformation, greedy careerism, and yellow journalism; but why, over 70 years later, am I still unable to legally rip my fat, frosty, breakfast bong? We should have put a stop to this in 1970, when the feds dropped that silly tax charade. Today there is no constitutional reason to arrest someone for possessing that beautiful herb. Education to the local level. We've got the net to communicate. Organization. Education. Revelation.

    Nic, Lamar
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    Nic, Lamar    7/31/09

    What a crock of shit! I'm a white woman who has been smoking for 12+ years, and I do not go actively seeking relations with african americans when I get high! What a load of crap!

    Anonymous, Charlotte NC

    Harry J. Anslinger did us all a great service.......when he died.

    dessie cox, ballina, ireland

    makes my heart ache, lie ontop of lie, super wealthy eejits makin us run round the hampster wheel, turning, turning, truth forsaken, for the mighty greenback is our prize and destitution our trophy, listen to the lies but do not forsake the seed of truth, for he gave us every herb so we may be consumed by the mother, live as she lives , heal as she heals , for it is better to be consumed by the gifts of the eternal than to eat at the table of doubt and profit

    michael ison, pikeville ky

    fuck you harry j anslinger this is the mother fucker who made it so weed is illegal

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      Anonymous    11/18/09

      Smoking weed is nothing but a social activity. You and some friends throw down 5 bucks smoke a blunt chill eat video games and eat everything in your fridge. Iv smoked millions of times and never wanted to kill my brother so fuck you anslinger your mother should have swallowed you

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        Anonymous    1/14/10

        Anslinger is buried in Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA Plot: Sec. C, Lot 320.

        nathan, usa

        Where the weed at?

        nsm88_cyn, Springfield, MO

        Right on Harry!! I wish more people today thought like he did. Maybe there wouldn't be so much crime, illegal immigration, drug rehab centers, and so on. I would love to have met Harry. He and I think a lot alike.

        LC, Texas
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          LC, Texas    5/12/10

          This is what our grandparents all thought was truth...directly from the government. Ah, truth and the perception of truth. Are we, a more modern generation, believers of things which are equally untrue but seem right?

          Angela, Haxtun

          Write this crap on every public building so we can be constantly reminded of what happens when we believe a bunch of absurdities.

          Voiceofreason, Lincoln

          Of course this is horrible. Anslinger was a horrible man and should have been killed at birth. But, that still doesn't matter. Marijuana will never be legal unless you get off your asses and do something about it. Or are you too scared? Or maybe just too stoned to get off the couch. Either way, don't complain about something being illegal unless your willing to fight for your right to use it. Until you can do that, shut up.


          JOLLY GOOD SHOW!

          Jimmy Of England, Manchester

          I think this quotes great! It gives the few who actually know why cannabis is illegal a great quote from a completely malevolent man just to show how laws used to be passed. The government would like everyone to agree with their actions and will do just about anything including what we consider now to be audacious racial allegations. Present this to a 'weed is illegal cause it's toxic and dangerous' person and see what they have to say besides what the fuck?! Love from England people keep'on smokin' !

          Chad, Dallas

          Harry Anslinger = Hairy Asslicker Burn in hell you piece of shit. Liar, treasonous, racist, ignorant, traitor. That's how I feel about you.

          April, Loserville

          This guy is probably the most narrow minded, ignorant person since Hitler. What the heck does marijuana, minorities, and white women have in common? I mean get a life and get over it! Sounds like you have a little Satan in your life Harry Potter!!!! Who died and made you the judge of the world???!!!

          Ricky, Greer

          I can not find a reputable source for any of the quotes stated here. Did this a$$hole say these things or not.

          Kyle, Dallas

          Final pot is illegal! now we don't have all these minorities with the big lips and African jibery-joo speak raping all our white women. Good job anslinger, you did it, now we just need a law to make tortillas illegal to imprison the mexicans. (but seriously, using fear to force your will upon others is terrorism.)

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          Anonymous    6/24/11

          There's a lot of truth in what he says like or not!

          Oswald, Dallas

          Racist, Racist, Racist...shame...now it appears as if though Hispanics, and other minorities are to blame... sickening!

          Anonymous, Toronto - capital city of weed

          ROT IN HELL Anslinger - - what a retarded name

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          Alon    11/30/11

          What's funny is he lived through the 60's and 70's muahahaha

          Katerine, New York

          Untrue, racist, and ignorant.

          Anonymous, 20903

          Why can't I find a source for this quote?

          Anonymous, Anonymous

          Anslinger was a piece of shit and his shit legacy continues to this day. Too bad someone didn't kill him in his youth.

          Evan, Vancouver Canada

          I tried to see things his way, but I couldn't get my head that far up my ass.

          Gy Tar, anarchy

          He was awarded nobel peace prize for his effort on the WAR on drugs WAR is opposite of peace ,he created a WAR by starting the WAR on drugs

          Ana, Anywhere

          The REAL reason pot is illegal!!!!

          Ana, Anywhere

          His middle name is "Jacob" doesn't the name Jacob mean DECEIVER?

          gnice, ny,ny

          FFuck you Anslinger and your dog! your a racist punk that never should of had your job. your palm must of been greased left and right. you never even had the guts to try hemp yourself , if you did you would seen how much your a lying son of a bitch and all those here that give this racist pig your thumbs up , fuck you too!
          E. Archer you hit the nail right on the head! capitalist greasy pigs using prejudice to obtain their greedy objections!

          Rick, au sable forks

          Bitches be Horny!

          Joel, Fargo

          Makes me wonder if this useless, racist fuck wasn't Hitler's personal bitch!

          I hope someone will piss and shit on this racist motherfucker's grave.

          Goodbye, good riddence and rot in hell you sadistic son of a bitch.

          Carl, Los Angeles

          Fuck you Anslinger! You little puke. All you are is a sexist, racist goof. Your mother should've had you castrated and fed your nuts to you for breakfast.

          Furman Jones, Asbury Park

          Well why are we so shocked at his quotes? I mean childrens really? I as a Black American am not shocked nor surprised at anything that asshole had to say. He probably was a card carrying member of the KKK so folks why the fuck are you getting your panties in a twist.

          Cat girl, Anywhere

          Racist propaganda that worked. If there is a hell, Anslinger is there.

          WhyLie, DontGetItVille

          I looked in the testimony and I don't see him saying anything along those lines anywhere in there...

          Sodajerky, Portage, IN

          What an ignorant fucktard anslinger was... I mean what a fucking legacy- Advocating racism and banning plants. Why the hell in this supposed "enlightened modern society" are people, plants, and animals still being banned? Even more perplexing is why are people In positions of authority still trying to enforce this crap??????? Hello?

          Librarian, South Bend

          WhyLie is correct, I've searched the1937 hearings for specific words in this quote, e.g. satanic, jazz and these words do not appear in transcripts of those hearings on any of the 128 pages of text. I can not claim that Anslinger never said these words but the source itself is inaccurate.

          jamesofthecommons, Brokeville NC

          First and most importantly I think that the war on drugs, and the prohibition of all the drug bearing herbs and plants brought to an end.The drug war is a crime against humanity,and those persons who have in the past instigated that war should be labeled accordingly.Those persons who hold office and presently and continue to wage that war,should upon refusal to cease and desist,be arrested, charged and tried for crimes against humanity.
          As a side thought;It might be a good idea that we as a nation take a look at the totality of our laws,legal system and cultural norms in general,and those aspects of that totality that are or were, created by racists,despisers of liberty and ignorant hatemongers,be at least scrutinized through the lens of tolerance and racial justice/equality.Though intellectual neanderthals have ceartainly not died out in this age of mass knowledge and communication,the average citizen today is far more likely to recognize and appreciate the basic humanity of persons of all races and economic stratums.This being the case, then ceartainly the average citizen today could be trusted to structure a system of justice for all,that is in fact based upon the concept of justice for all.

          jamesofthecommons, Brokeville NC

          Just so everyone will know;The US Chamber of commerce is one of the primary advacants of the war on drugs.That's correct,there are many among us who in order to advance the ''free market,''have no qualms whatsoever with the abolishment of freedom.

          Dr..Gonzzo, Oslo

          Joint bag your representative folks!
          All send them a joint in the mail, and remind them of the paper the Constitution was written on....

          Weirdharold, Beaverton, OR

          The Marijuana Prohibition Law is nothing but a Jim Crow law that we keep nursing!


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