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“Today, not a numerous, but an active part of the German people are beginning to realize, not that they have been led astray, not that bad times await them, not that the war may end in defeat, but that what is happening is sin and that they are personally responsible for each terrible deed that has been committed -- naturally, not in the earthly sense, but as Christians.”

~ Helmuth James

1942 letter smuggled to a British friend Lionel Curtis

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jim k, Austin,Tx

With the Muslim Students Associations active, anti semitism is rampant in many of our colleges and universities These people would love to see another holocaust.

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Robken    5/25/11

When will the Christians of America behave likewise? when will they too demonstrate against these evil wars perpetrated in their name.

cal, lewisville, tx

Our government topples other governments in the name of democracy. It seems we replace a tyrant with someone worse.

Wayne, Naples

The sin is Not following the Golden Rule. And we are all brothers and sisters.

Bob H, Allentown, PA

I believe that this quote should make you believe that History is repeating itself, right now. Wake up! You hold the power to change things.

E Archer, NYC

I've always wondered why the Christian 'right' is always so supportive of the military when Jesus' teachings seem so contrary -- and why we are fighting religious wars in faraway lands? And isn't there as much antipathy for Islams in America as there was against Jews in Nazi Germany? I find the parallels to be undeniable, and I am paying attention to these warning signs. Our government is out of control -- or should I say out of OUR control, but out of control they are. They just keep voting themselves more money off our backs, our children and forever. And we are going to have to pay the piper, I am afraid, either now or later, and the longer we wait, the higher the price is going to be -- are we going to let our leaders just write us off? No! I too think we need to see some demonstrations in the streets and let these Congress critters know that we know where they live and we want it stopped now. They know what we are talking about. '-)

Mike, Norwalk

Some very appropriate comments today.


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