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“It is precisely for the protection of the minority that constitutional limitations exist. Majorities need no such protection. They can take care of themselves.”

~ Illinois Supreme Court

Ring V. Board Of Education

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E Archer, NYC

Hence America is NOT a true democracy -- never was and never was meant to be.

Warren Giese, Olathe

Good philosophy. It would seem that protection of the minority has gone so far in this country that the minority has begun to oppress the majority. Roger Baldwin seems to be winning. Power has been taken from the people and transferred to the courts bringing us to a government by the lawyers of the lawyers and for the lawyers. So it seems that the majority either can't or won't take care of itself.

Robert, Sarasota

If only we practiced what we preach. There are movements towards this practice but alas it’s only sporadic and usually by Liberals.

helorat, Milton

Amen Warren! Would that we could take care of only ourselves, and not every lazy freeloader in the country.

Eric Engstrom, Wichita, KS

True Republicanism. Not the political party, the idea of a Republic. A beautiful thing, evn one as bashed about as ours is.

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Jim    2/16/09

Next to California the closest state to becoming Socialist.

Anonymous, Springfield, Illinois

You hit it on the nail on the head Jim! Figures that would come from the Illinois Supreme Court!

Ronw13, Yachats Or

True Patriots, sovereign individuals, whether knowing or not of this standing, are the very minority our Constitution was designed to protect ! " Avoid litigation " was Lincoln's message after the federalist socialist overthrow of the Republic. " There will be enough work to go around "


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