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“Most new insights come only after a superabundant accumulation of facts have removed the blindness which prevented us from seeing what later comes to be regarded as obvious.”

~ Isidor Issac Rabi

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Waffler, Smith

Absolutely. Sensitive folk and intelliegent children know what pollution is form seeing one piece of trash, or one filthy stream, or one easy evidence of global warming. The nay sayers and deniers will gain insight only when the earth as we know it is virtually destroyed.

Justin, Elkland

The anthropogenic global warming mystics have yet to notice the superabundant accumulation of facts against it. The U.S. has the cleanest water and air that it has had since the beginning of the industrial revolution, in spite of government regulations that encourage hiding problems instead of fixing problems.

Justin, Elkland

Waffler, go preach it to the third world. Few on this forum will buy into your wealth redistribution scams.

Justin, Elkland

For anyone interested in truth instead of platitudes, I recommend these two sources: #1 The first is the best-researched article I have found refuting the IPCC's assessments. The second is a direct link to IPCCs latest assessment reports. I must warn that it will be necessary to set aside at least two hours each for the two publications and many more hours each to research the sources of the material. A general understanding of the physical sciences is highly recommended. Enjoy.

J Carlton, Calgary

It is becoming more apparent, even to the masses that we are being lied to on every level. Our Governmental system is a complete farce and the cat is out of the bag. People are beginning to understand that we simply can not trust our elected officials with the keeping of our liberties and Americanism, not anymore. It's time for a major house cleaning and we can actually thank The Kenyan and his Czars for helping bring this to light.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Mike, Norwalk 11/22/21

There is on occasion when for instance, a statist theocracy such as the tyrannical order that now infests this land squelches a superabundant accumulation of facts so that it might harm as many as possible (vaccinations come to mind).

Carol, Georgia

J. Carlton, I agree. If Obama was subtle like all the Progressives of the last century, we would still be lulled into thinking our government was basically doing it's job even if we were a little uncomfortable with some of it's policies. We had to be blindsided with a radical so obvious that it is impossible to overlook. The czars are also enough to scare the wits out of every American that loves liberty and wants the country back that our Founding Fathers gave us. However, one of the most serious threats comes from Obama making lifetime appointments of radical, leftist, Progressive USSC judges. He will do whatever it takes to pack the bench. Remember in November.

E Archer, NYC

Good, point, Justin -- it takes TIME and effort to truly study 'why' and 'how' things work. Anyone can parrot the party line -- and those that do without ANY independent study are but gossiping and spreading wives' tales. Do you think Waffler will spend even one hour reading scientific journals or research that contradicts his programming? ;-) If it ain't explained in a paragraph of his Funk & Wagnalls, it isn't going to interest him. Ignorance is the prized possession of slaves -- it is the only thing that can make life 'blissful.' Just the fact that the EPA is now calling CO2 'pollution' should point to the POLITICAL science around anthropogenic global warming. Yes, the Earth is warming -- it has been ever since the last ice age. Every 100,000 years or so the Earth is warm for about 10,000 years -- the rest of that time is an ice age. What is the cause? THE SUN! Waffler would condemn Galileo, and Copernicus, too, in their day because of an infallible belief in the state.

Abigail, Newport

Insight-communism is taking over Insight- it is okay with most folks because it is called something else Insight-global climate change is our fault cuz the gov said so Insight- free thinkers are of little value-we have a fed gov Insight-God is evil or magical and must be removed from everywhere so no one is offended Insight-guns are bad for people to own the gov says so Insight- we need unions to tell who can work and what they can earn for how long Insight-gov must have charge of my body for we are too ignorant to do so Insight-government should control business so they can determine who runs it how Insight-Prayer and pledges must be banned so no one is offended insight-everyone gets an A because they at least tried -we are told Insight-private property deprives others of enjoying where we live Insight-money must be taken from those with too much; except those who are the leaders-and their friends Insight-serve the government; they are in charge Insight-we have progressive people in office to 'help' us Insight-you are probably not getting the point OHHHHhhh? This isn't America? Well look around you for insight. Close your eyes and ask where are we going here? Foresight is of the imperative at this time. What Do you actually see for your children and grandchildren? SERFDOM! We are right to feel things aren't going well, we can see we are headed for communism and if we don't, and act,... hindsight will arrive too late. But I am an old woman...who will care what I have to say...none of this is taught in school. certainly isn't taught in school.

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RBESRQ    6/24/10

Archer, really, I expected more of you. How about parroting knowledge based on science not the rattles of a senator paid off by the energy companies - studying facts are usual from a source that can no way be your. Research comes from other people's knowledge, those who have studied a subject without hypothetical hyperbole and listening to Fox Entertainment sound-bytes. For Justin and all you soothsayer here is some evidence of global warming which has 85% the worlds leading scientist's agreeing: Plus a host of scientists on the 4th International Conference of Global Change - notice the word CHANGE: In some parts of the globe places are cooling but in other parts they are warming - the FACT is that when you take all these meteorological conditions into account they represent a warming of the globe. When scientists bored into the the north pole ice cap they could determine that the layers of sediment which detected temperature that the cycles between cooling and warming were becoming closer together and that they were increasing and not decreasing in temperature. There is a mountain of other evidence that proves without doubt that the planet is warming – from January to May, 2010, was the warmest on record for the globe. WASHINGTON (AP) — “Exactly 20 years after warning America about global warming, a top NASA scientist said the situation has gotten so bad that the world's only hope is drastic action.” "We're toast if we don't get on a very different path," Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute of Space Sciences who is sometimes called the godfather of global warming science, told The Associated Press. "This is the last chance." this will take you into up to date press releases. Justin, your links after seeing the first I decided to stop because Senator Inhofe’s top five campaign contributors were energy organizations and the top industry was oil and gas. Do I need to say anymore? It would hold a great deal more water if this summary was provide by a scientist directly not some Senator bought off by the energy companies. and

Judith, New Mexico

Glad you are back Waffler and I agree with you. They think that 3 billion people could not conceivable affect the environment, nor could their activities and life style contribute carbon into the air. Humans and their foot prints are speeding up the effects of global warming. Even a flesh diet most humans demand is putting carbon and methane into the air by the tons. Justin, where did you read that Waffler proposed on wealth distribution in his comment? Sounds like a good idea to me. Have you ever read the 'A People's History of the United States' by Howard Zinn. He explains extensively how the weath was distributed, by the enslavement of whites and blacks. Justin, who was keeping the statistics of the water quality from the time before the industrial revolution? Isn't that a bit of what the writer is talking about? That bit of information is not reliable and therefore, not to be considered. We have lakes where people are not allowed to fish in Michigan because the fish are considered toxic. Some lakes prohibit swimming because the water is toxic. The Great Lakes sure is not what they were before the Industrial Revolution. Carol, Have a good read: Now what is it Carol, you are opposed to change? You are so rich you cannot share your stash with anyone else. You earned it all yourself without taking advantage of anyone? Not sure what you mean when you throw your labels out there. Don't mean to be on the offense but I really find labels and name calling like Kenyan to be sophomoric. It doesn't require many brain cells and contributes nothing really.. President Obama had the mess that G W Bush left, remember him, the one who had the Patriot Act already written before 9-11 and who started an illegal war of aggression on the basis of a lie, intentionally and tripled the national debt from the beginning to end of his two illegal terms? Not President Obama. What in particular is it that you not approve of Elena Kegan? And Archer, why do you find it necessary to insult Waffler? To whom do you hold yourself up to? The earth has accelerated in warming, besides just warming as it may be doing now. Perhaps you would like to be one of the last ones here to say you are "right". Sorry, but your big words do not make up for your lack of information. There are facts about the CO2 holding in heat inside the planet, yes the heat that is brought by the sun. This snooty competition of labeling and debate of the obvious makes most of you sound like Rich Limbaugh fans. That doesn't make you right. Your noses are a bit out of joint.

Judith, New Mexico

Abigail, all I could find under a Google search on your Insight Communism is a religious magazine. I wondered if you were referencing a theory or something new. Insight is a religious periodical with the Bible league. I think I am more afraid of fascism which it seems we are pretty much under right at the moment.

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    Abigail    6/24/10

    Judith, you missed the point..but alas....

    Judith, Alas

    Alas, what? Try saying what you think? Don't hide.

    J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

    I liked the quote. I've had that same reaction to things once they were explained, examined, and understood. I did not expect the "Inconvenient Truth Brigade" to hijack the forum. WOW! Yes, I remember a time when I always wanted to look at the river that flowed through my town to see what color it was. All of the smokestack industry in the area dumped into it. Somedays it was yellow, others green, and once in awhile, blue. It has been reclaimed and people fish in it now. The industries are just about all gone and the very few left have a clean operation. I tend to believe that the natural environment is much smarter than we poor humans. I believe that it will eventually do away with us and become a green planet once again. It may have even done this before. We're talking billions of years of process here. It could be. I am also a believer in God. I will trust Him over Gore any day!

    E Archer, NYC

    RBE, I am surprised at you. Wikipedia as a source for the truth about global warming? ;-) Are you a cosmologist? Have you studied the sun spot cycles throughout the last few hundred years? Do you not maintain a healthy scepticism when POLITICIANS say 'the sky is falling and here are some new taxes to stop it'? Isn't Gore a complete hypocrite and globalist liar who is heavily invested in the business of taxing CO2? Is exhaling 'polluting'? Use your brain, man. And YES THE EARTH IS WARMING -- it has been for THOUSANDS of years (and we are talking about fractions of a degree per decade)!!! And NO, it is not due to the man-made CO2 that is .04% of the atmosphere!!! But what DOES effect temperature on Earth is, you guessed it, THE SUN!! In fact, because of the 'solar minimum' (zero sun spot activity) the last couple years, the Earth has been noticibly cooler -- anybody remember the winters of 2009/2010?! The IPCC was snowed in!! So much for global warming (does any one remember the 70s when scientists were predicting that we were on the verge of a new ice age?). No major hurricanes either during solar minimum and LOTS of hurricanes during solar maximum (remember Wilma and Katrina?). The IPCC has already been shown to be a bunch of globalist liars who have falsified evidence and censored ANY research that contradicts their conclusion that the oceans are rising and that it is because of man-made CO2. Hogwash, utter hogwash. Global 'problems' are needed to empower global 'government' -- why you would want to give away your own freedom is beyond me. I can assume then that you do not use electricity, a car or bus, fly in an airplane, and that you live by candle-light (ooops, global warming, have you paid your candle tax?), cook with fire (ooops, global warning, do you have a license for that fire?), and live off your labors on the land (oops, do you have a permit to raise animals and crops?). HYPOCRITES are not the ones I look to for 'solutions' to problems that THEY came up with. Now, carbon MONOXIDE is pollution, and I am all in favor of cutting down those emissions, but I will not be duped into once again putting government in between me and my needs. Government wishes to control EVERYTHING - sex, food, labor, property, transportation, religion, fuel, and now AIR!! Yes, we will need licenses to exhale!! Animals will need permits to breathe. Where does it end? I do not want your utopia -- it is a con!! Here's a great solution to man-made CO2 pollution -- stop breathing, stop living, and then you will be in accordance with the globalists plans. ;-) What arrogance it is to think that taxing the world will save people who live at or below sea-level. If it turns out that the oceans are rising a half an inch a year, why not be glad that science has discovered that AND MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND!!! Ignoramouses, all, let's just stop the tides, why don't we... NO, the solution is more taxes (not sure how paying taxes will cause the Sun to stop being so hot). What ARROGANCE to think that man is the cause of acts of Nature and that man should do something to 'correct' the weather. Leave my weather alone!!! You'll just f@*# it up.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    I'm with you Archer....I'll take real science over the "pop cult" stuff.

    Don Lee, Reno

    Yeah, like all of the Bill of Rights are Christian Doctrine, Rabbi.


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