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“In the lifetime of one person, we went from figuring out where we came from to figuring out how to get rid of ourselves.”

~ Jack Horner

on the eighty years between Darwin's On the Origin of Species and the nuclear bomb, in Time, 26 April 1993

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Mike, Norwalk

(-; WOW way too accurate to be too funny. Even if you don't believe in creation, the broad fundamental scope of reference is very insightful.

dick, fort worth

How sadly true.

E Archer, NYC

"We" is too general a term, for only a few are interested in either. Getting rid of 'the other guys' has been going on since time memorial. The powers-that-be want 'us' to think it is 'we' that are doing these things, when in fact it is 'them.'

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, excellent point !

J Carlton, Calgary

Right on Archer.

Doug, LM
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    Doug, LM    6/20/12

    As an old earth creationist, and an optimist on the long-term survival of our species, I’d have to say a friendly, wrong on both parts.


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