James Fenimore CooperJames Fenimore Cooper, (1789-1851) American Novelist

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“Liberty is not a matter of words, but a positive and important condition of society. Its greatest safeguard after placing its foundations in a popular base, is in the checks and balances imposed on the public servants.”

James Fenimore CooperJames Fenimore Cooper
~ James Fenimore Cooper

The American Democrat, 1838

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Mike, Norwalk

Liberty is a positive and important condition of the individual. Imposing checks and balances on the individual sovereign's personal public servants is to safeguard the protection of life, liberty, and property.

Ken, Allyn, WA

The greatest and final safeguard to liberty is an armed people who are willing to defend there liberty against tyrants. Firearms make a wonderful check and balance.

E Archer, NYC

Today our government assumes more power than it has been granted. It even attempts to change the meaning of words enough to pervert their original intention. Besides firearms, the people have the last word in approving Congress's laws -- the jury box. Of course, if people can be arrested and held without charge or trial, then a great usurpation has occurred -- and that is what GWB has arranged during his tenure. And that is just one of MANY safeguards Bush Inc. has removed -- it is war against the People, pure and simple.

Mike, Norwalk

Said well Archer: as proof I have a friend that is currently serving time and his case was dismissed over a year ago. The court has said they dismissed the case so there is nothing they can do to facilitate his release. We don't have a clue why he is still there. We can't find out if he's being held under the Patriot Act, a check or a balance. The last time his wife and family visited him he said he knew, he has the paperwork dismissing his case and he can't find anyone to help. Now that is really scarrrrrrry

helorat, Milton

Mike, you have an anecdote, not proof of anything. The Clinton administration instituted many more programs that are threats to individual freedom than Bush by far. The IRS and it's powers are ten times the threat to liberty then the Patriot act ever will be. The Bush administration is firearms ownership friendly. I fear the government that fears my guns. Archer, our government has beeen assuming more powers then it legitimately has since TR unConstitutionally bought the first National Park. Heck, Jefferson admitted he did not have the authority to make the Louisiana Purchase. Get some perspective guys!

Mike, Norwalk

Helorat, this particular friend was one of several I know that was taken to court with out so much as a grand jury hearing his case (the first 2 grand juries that heard his case turned it down) and his original charge was based on statutes that had either expired or been repealed (not 1 current authoritative statute in the bunch). He was convicted on statutes that were presented while his court was in session. That is perspective on what is going on under the Bush administration.

helorat, Milton

Actually it sounds like what happened to Tom Delay. Sounds like our typical legal system. Just what were these vague charges? I assume you live in Conn, is that where this happened?

E Archer, NYC

Damn it, helorat, your defense against the assault on my rights is an insult and IMHO treasonous. Get a grip! No right to trial or due process, no habeas corpus, illegal spying, warrantless and secret searches and seizures, killing millions of people -- this is NOT the America I stand for. We will not let this 'Patriot Act' stand either. The People are waking up -- the solutions to keeping America free do not require bombing Iraq any more -- let them kill each other if they wish. It is about money, end of story, and the war profiteers are laughing at us all the way to the bank -- and you, too, helorat, for being the perfect stooge. Divide and conquer -- they are masters at it -- just keep everyone fighting against each other and distrusting each other -- that is their racket.

Mike, Norwalk

helorat, you started on this blog after I spoke of a 'Patriot Act' incident that I was somewhat personally involved with. An attorney friend's mother died in NH and after closing the house, he was carrying the household in a Ryder truck to his brother's home. He was stopped in Penn after Midnight on a Saturday morning. He was held until Monday where, after a weekend worth of calling by his attorney twin brother, he made it to court. He was being held without charge under the Patriot Act. The judge let him go but it was some time before he got the truck back. If the IRS is worse than the Patriot Act, it is only because it has been around longer.


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