James MadisonJames Madison, (1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

False James Madison Quote

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance.”

James MadisonJames Madison
~ James Madison

Misattributed to Madison. The quote is actually from a note on page 70-71 of Olive Cushing Dwinell's 'The Story of Our Money.' Apparently the note refers to a quote from Alexander Hamilton in defense of his Banking Bill. The note appears under the Hamilton quote and above the Madison quote. It was an editor's error.

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

... and very descriptive of what the US administration is doing today...

Peter, Detroit

The implications of this quote to our fiat based money system, which is, itself, unconstitutional, is profound. See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5. Read "The Creature from Jekyl Island" for in depth clarification

Joseph, New Hampshire

Americans, please, PLEASE, learn how your private federal reserve bank is in COMPLETE control of the government. It is a HUGE scam, and if enough people will devote a little bit of time to learning about 'coin, credit, and circulation' you will see that the Fed was designed to buy US bonds when the American people would not -- and the Fed doesn't even buy them -- they simply exchange them for Federal Reserve Notes which cost them nothing but printing fees (if that). The government owes the Fed the interest they promised on their bonds -- which they do not have. So the IRS was created to collect taxes from the people who use the Federal Reserve Notes, and the taxes ONLY pay the interest the government must pay to the Fed. The original interest had to be paid in gold -- but after the bank basically acquired all the US gold supply (the entire volume of real money in circulation prior to implementing the Federal Reserve Act) we now can pay our interest with the same worthless paper. They did it! Now how are we going to get out of this trap? Boycott the banks.

Sharyn, Florida

Yes, yes and yes Joseph! Let us use gold,silver and copper coinage and barter, and boycott the banks.

J.P., New York City

The government of the United States of America has been bankrupt since 1934 and is in receivership to the Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation, that is above the law, that has never been (and never will be) audited. It is the lynchpin of the overthrow of the government. We now elect our representatives based on how much money the politicians promise us -- even if they have to take everything we've got to do it. Wake up, people: Freedom means Responsibility -- that's why most men dread it. (Shaw)

John-Douglas, Nassau

Hey! Some of you are starting to see the light! But, who controls the Federal Reserve? The Rothschilds of England who own better than 50 percent of the Fed's shares. Hence the USA is under the real governance of foreign bankers! As Mayer Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, once remarked - he didn't care who formed the government as long as he controlled the money supply. And that is the way life has been for almost two centuries all sround the world in virtually every country which has a central bank.

Felix C., St. Louis

Check out Who Owns the Fed as determined by a 1976 Congressional Committee.

Henry, California

Joseph, I hope to meet you and others in NH. www.freestateproject.com

Mike, Norwalk

WOW, love the comments

J Carlton, Calgary

Comments like these give me hope. I've maintained for years now that Freedom and Liberty rest with the "People" of America...not their Government. The Fed, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Australia....all the same thing....Tyrants.

E Archer, NYC

I only wish the Constitution had addressed this evil more emphatically so that a central bank could NEVER have been permitted. Unfortunately, Hamilton knew that aristocratic business well, and as the first Secretary of the US Treasury he charted the first US central bank, the First Bank of the United States, against much opposition from Madison, Jefferson, and others. Jefferson killed it, though, as president and warned Americans never to attempt another. Of course without a Constitutional prohibition on central banking, the bankers never stopped attempting to institute another private central bank -- several more were established in US history with the Federal Reserve being the most recent. If the charter for the Fed is not revoked, they will acquire all the power of the nation (they are damn close already). This battle has been going on for thousands of years -- and whoever manages to get the power to simply print up 'money' and spend it becomes absolute master -- is this really that hard to understand?

jim kilpatrick, austin, tx

Great comments. Check a book, "The Way The World Really Works" , by Alan B Jones.

Diggedy, the entire world

people, all of you, americans; the only thing you can and must do, in order to give our world the peace back (which YOU, ignorant and awared ones have created) is killing those motherf******. im talking about your bankers, presidents, whelty individuals involved, of course MASONS and bilderberg attendees! and most important, educate your brainwashed society before trying to do this!!! the conscious part of the world will fight along with you. lets not permit the NWO become true!

Richard, Temple,TX

Well the third time is the charm as they say.We need those God fearing men like James Maddison.Who had the courage whatevever the result assination,polictical repercutions etc.The America is not the same as it was then, because of one reason and only one reason.And that is because America has forgotten whom gave us this freedom.Freedom from a twisted government we have now and have ceded this freedom to our political masters called mother government.My friends,we have forgotten the Lord God.

beth h, watertown,ct

i really do agree with jim. it is the way the world works today.

Caroll, Georgia

Diggedy, -Please refrain from even alluding to obscene words by using stars. This is one of the few places folks can come and not be assaulted and insulted by filthy language or the allusion to it. Thanks to all compatriots who routinely make intelligent and informative comments.

Caroll, Georgia

Another interesting and informative book is the 1970, 130 page book by W. Cleon Skousen. It is a commentary on a 1300 page book by Dr. Carroll Quigley, "Tragedy And Hope- A History of the World In Our Time" written in 1966. The title of the Skousen book is "The Naked Capitalist." I urge anyone who is interested in the history of world banking and the NWO to read this. John-Douglas of Nassau mentioned Mayer Rothschild. He was from Frankfurt, Germany and had five sons, one of whom stayed in Frankfurt. The other four were sent to Vienna, London, Naples and Paris to set up branches to the family bank.

Frank, DK
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Frank, DK    9/11/12

Central banking is the most efficient, most, most misunderstood piramid scheme in the history of human civilization!

Lori Baldwin, Citrus Heights, CA

Great quote but it's misattributed. According to Wikiquote, this originated with Olive Cushing Dwinell (1946) in The Story of Our Money, not with James Madison. Double check your quotes before attributing them, please! There are many misattributed quotes floating around the internet. It behooves us all to check them before passing them on - helps our credibility a bunch!
Source URL: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/James_Madison

Mike, Pleasant Hill

A lot of knowledgeable people leaving comments here.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Thank you, Lori. Thanks to our readers, like you, we can keep these quotes accurate. We will make a note in the attribution and will add the full quote from Olive Cushing Dwinell to a separate quote page. Frankly, The Story of Our Money has a lot of good stuff in there, so we will likely add a few more Banking quotes in the process. Cheers!

Jim K, Austin

Carol, I agree with you on the Diggedy comment. This is no place for that sort of language , even with stars.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Being a wayfaring independent all of my life, upright and above board business. Honesty at all cost. I was shown great favor as an independent contractor. Creditors. Not banks, allowed for prosperity. Asking the right questions early on, led me to a long path of discovery, biblical, historical truth. 13 is a good number, when considering usury and oppression down through ages.


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