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“I say that you cannot administer a wicked law impartially. You can only destroy. You can only punish. I warn you that a wicked law, like cholera, destroys everyone it touches — its upholders as well as its defiers.”

~ Jerome Lawrence

the book, Inherit the Wind

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Cal, Lewisville, TX

What goes around will come around.

Mike, Norwalk

An example is the dole. It destroys society's foundation - the family, pollutes the enforcers with a god complex and weakens the economy. Charity, love and personal responsibility are not part of that equation. Another example is licensing. Licensing exchanges the sovereign individual for the once servant (now lord and master), punishes he who has done nothing to infringe on another's person or property, destroys freedom and liberty, and administers a wicked perception of rules, statutes, etc. that are anti-law.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, the government dole can become a crutch, whether the recipient is an individual or a school, a hospital, a police department, a city, or any number of businesses that rely on government contracts. As long as the government can 'borrow' (read: print money), it can buy up whatever it wants. The primary wicked law is the War on Drugs, the annual budget of which is more than the Commerce, Interior, and State departments combined -- and it's the one budget item whose growth is never questioned. These wicked laws have turned our nation into a police state without limit. Jerome Lawrence describes the consequences well.


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