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“Of all the tasks of government, the most basic is to protect its citizens from violence.”

~ John Foster Dulles

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Mike, Norwalk

In the de jure representative republic, servants of the individual sovereigns (individually and in concert), can lawfully, morally, and in all legitimate ways only perform such acts as an individual sovereign can perform for himself. Of all the tasks of government, the absolute most basic is to represent the inalienable rights of the individual sovereign(s). The individual sovereign is to protect himself. Other sovereigns may have a moral interest or province to assist another sovereign in a personal or property violation BUT, the third party sovereign has no obligation to do so. The term serve and protect is a misdirectional lie to mislead an ignorant populace. In the tyrants legislated, adjudicated and executed theocracy, 'to serve and protect" references the standing army (including local police) that are to uniquely serve the god masters and protect their property. A few weeks ago, I gave several supreme court decisions that disprove the above statement.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Thank you Norwalk Mike for pointing out that all that glitters is not gold.
When considering these quotes it's wise to keep in mind the history of the person being quoted and their worldview as history gives us light to see, like in this quote misleading the reader.
"Of all the tasks of government?" should beg the reader to ask what is the basic/only job of government? To only do the things that a free man cannot do for himself? IMO governments most basic job and important it is to safeguard our inalienable rights and liberty under the rule of law
(natural law), NOT MEN!

E Archer, NYC

Both Mike's have got it right. This whole mirage of 'security' is an excuse to wage war -- internationally and domestically. For some, government is nothing more than a vicious dog to sic on your enemies.

This misnomer that security is more important than liberty is the line drawn in the sand -- unfortunately, a lot of people have chosen the side of security even at the expense of their own rights AND everyone else's.

Mike, Norwalk

The prevailing sentiment relayed by the quote is that government is an organic and independent parent, superior and benefactor, in toto aloof from "its" reliant inferiors. A body politic / representative republic is in no manner what so ever addressed in the structure of the statement. In the de jure representative republic of inalienable rights, each individual is sovereign, enabling his/her servants, they being inferior. Government (a term used as the language is lacking) has no rights but extremely limited duties only. Benjamin Franklin's quote once again comes to mind; "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Ron w13, Or

We put the guard at the gate ! You guard your door ! please ! Have you posted a watchman at the gate !! Leave your post risk your life !

Vedapushpa, Bangalore - India

Yes Very true.. A good government has first to safeguard the honor life and property of its citizens ... safeguard them from insult and injury of any kind.

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    Abby    8/1/14

    Bull. Their job is to protect individual Liberty and honor their Oath of Office. By not doing so they betray society...and dishonor themselves.


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