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“In my profession, it is not enough to know your history, speak a language and be widely traveled. Equally important is how to weigh and organize evidence. How to listen. How to see a situation from the other person's point of view. How to deal with complexity and realize that few issues in the world come with just one side. How to learn, not what to think.”

~ John E. McLaughlin

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Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger, excellent. That we should all learn such.

Judith, New Mexico

Strange comment coming from the CIA. They are busy looking for the fellow from Wikileaks because he has some film that exposed the American heliocopters shooting journalists and some Iraqis, unarmed people, oh, and a couple of kids. Didn't think thought was all that mattered but how to hide it. Wasn't the CIA involved in Arms for Contras? Wonder if they learned anything from that.

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RBESRQ    6/18/10

Right on Judith. How to organize and manipulate evidence. CIA responsible for hundreds of dubious and conspicuously offensive misdeeds, taking over democratically elected governments, replacing leaders with their puppets (Iran), I can't believe how many other egregious and covert encounters they are responsible for... It would have been wise for JEM not to have said this in public.

Justin, Elkland

I part from some libertarians in my opinion of the CIA. It is just to investigate and identify those who have perpetrated violence against an allied people so that retribution can be dispensed justly. That said, the proper use of the CIA as an investigative body has been at times subverted by those who do not care for liberty. (And yes, I used the terms libertarian and just retribution in the same arguement.)

Justin, Elkland

Judith, the Iran-Contra affair is a great example of how trying to chose the lesser of two evils always fails, and that liberty cannot be achieved through violent revolution.

cal, lewisville, tx

It would be difficult, but I would like to see the CIA become a non-political influenced organization.

luigi, Fort Worth

In a legal court of law (or when you are speaking with any police officer, for that matter) get caught in just ONE lie, and nothing you say afterwards carries a whit of weight. After that, you may as well stop talking.

Mike, Norwalk

luigi, FYI; within each and every, any and all jurisdictions and domiciles associated with the US, there are no courts of law; and, because all policing entities as exist, represent the statist theocracy (not being extensions or representatives of "We The People") a lie is only a lie or, relative if the ruling despot(s) needs it to be so.

Judith, New Mexico

Sometimes it doesn't even take one lie, Luigi, Fort Worth. They can manipulate anything. Justin, you're alright with me. In case any are curious I suggest that you Google "Fema Camps". You will get a plethora of links to search. And you can ask Google to show you a map of Fema Camps, and you should get a map of the US showing all the Fema camps, and you can look at any region. It will tell you exactly where they are. You might watch the video which will show the railroad running up to the doors, turnstyles and huge gas furnaces that have been installed to empty rooms that have never been heated. One video showed a rail car with seats along both sides and shackles on the floor, etc. Some of the cars are just plain black. There are some military vehicles parked at some of them Pretty chilling, I think. Of course now they have secret prisons inside prisons, which many of the people working there know nothing about. Have read information that people are held there secretly, and families do not know where they are. Waffler wanted me to provide some evidence that they existed, and have not seen him writing for several days now. Not sure he saw the post I gave earlier about them Hope all is well with him.

E Archer, NYC

Yeah? Then what do you do, Mr. CIA Director? "Attack!" If only we could do the same with the CIA! ;-)

Judith, New Mexico Excellent video on biofuels. Here is the video that discusses why Prohibition was declared: Believe it or not. And discusses why and how cars can run on alcohol.

A.WOODS, Gloucester

McLaughlin's quote applies to everyone, whatever their profession, occupation, or activity.


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